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January 2021

Clearly I’m ready to go… Let’s jump right in.  


Location: Key West and Ft Lauderdale. 

I spent a week in Miami, helping move a longtime friend from Dallas and decided to spend an extra few days down in KW.  It’s an easy drive and the island was just waking back up from being fully closed to tourists.  They had set up checkpoints on Hwy 1 beyond Stock Island and unless you had a local Key West driver’s license or could show ownership of property, you weren’t getting through.  They handled it well.  It was a nice departure from the typical bubba system that permeates most of the keys.

We ended up staying at Equator, which is usually a good spot for some sunshine, clean pools, clothing-optional fun and a decently chill environment, but that wasn’t exactly the case this time around.  Gay fate- otherwise known as the ghost of Liberace- chuckled and threw a 30-man gay bachelor party into the mix.  They basically took over the whole compound and trashed it.  Bottles everywhere and cans floating in the pool.  A super loud shit show until 4am every night.  The staff couldn’t handle the group. 

It was what it was and we just had to make the best of it:  We ended up spending most of our time at Island House down the street, as well as Alexanders.  Equator was just a place to crash.  

The most different thing about this visit was that I spent more time ‘in the the bubble’ than any other trip I’ve made to KW.  It was clear that a lot of North Florida was invading the Keys now that things were opening back up:  They didn’t want to wear masks, they didn’t socially distance and they didn’t really seem to give a shit about anything other than getting fucked-in-half drunk on upper Duval and stumbling around like assholes.  I’d never seen so many political hats and t-shirts on Duval before.  It was clear that the demographic of Key West had radically changed in a short amount of time.  It was easier (and safer) for us to just stay in the gay spots, all of which were requiring people to follow the city’s sanitization protocols.  

What was most concerning was seeing how small the gay business community has become.  The gay blocks of KW, which once spanned upwards of 5 full city streets, are now really only one half-block and getting smaller.  Very few gay bars remain.  With rents on Duval being at an all-time high, I don’t imagine it getting any better.  The only new businesses that can afford $65-100k a month in rent are national chains, which are something Key West never catered to.  You don’t come to KW and eat at the Denny’s for breakfast.  That’s sacrilege.


On the plus side, I got to hit my favorite gym in the world, Old Town Fitness.  


I’ve been working out there for over a decade and it never fails to beat the shit out of me.  No shirt, no air conditioning, no fucking pretense.  The equipment is old, but great.  The owner is one of the nicest guys you’d want to meet (and his dog is awesome).  It’s more of a local’s gym, so you always see a wide variety of bodies there, but rest assured there’s always a handful of typical beautiful Florida guys working out with very little clothing on.  That said, it’s a gay-friendly gym, but not the kind of place I’d ever openly cruise in.  Wrong vibe (and there’s no locker room or showers to make that happen).

That’s not to say I don’t have any fun showing off.  Fun fact: OTF is the first gym I ever rocked a pair of skintight Nike leggings over a thick metal cock ring.  


The whole trip was pretty low-key…  Except for the last night.  That’s sorta how it always works out.  

We decided to hit Saloon One, the leather bar on Duval.  They serve gasoline parading as a cocktail, show a nice variety of porn on the TVs and it’s just the kind of place that feels seedy in all the right ways.  It always feels as if something sexy is going to happen at any moment.  It’s something that most current gay bars lack (and seem to go out of their way to avoid).  We drank, we did a few shots.  We caught up with old friends who worked at the bar.  At some point, I lost my shirt.  Typical.  That meant at that point I was only wearing sneakers and small, tight pair of running shorts.  No underwear.  

This will end well.

So, drunk us.  Me, mostly unclothed.  I wobble back to the outside patio to chill out and didn’t notice that three other guys follow me.  Normally, I’m the most observant guy in the group, but I was on island time, totally relaxed and just really enjoying the night.  I sat down in a patio booth, responded to a few emails and watched a little porn that was playing out there.  

The guys came over and sat on either side of me.  All three looked to be in their 30s.  All of them wearing tank tops, so I could see they had nice bodies.  All of them tipsy enough to skip asking details like my name and go right to rubbing my dick through my shorts.  

It was at this point that I had to make that classic judgement call:  Let these random dudes get me off on an outside patio while I watch some hot bareback porn- and possibly risk getting thrown out- or quickly get up, get my friend and go to the next bar – and end up with what would likely be blue balls and regret.

C’mon.  You know I stayed.  I can’t walk away from that.


Two of them pulled down my shorts and went to work on me.  Even a little drunk, I can still get rock hard and I was already chubbed-up from the porn.  Watching both of these guys take turns swallowing my dick was crazy hot and clearly they had pulled this horse-and-pony show before because the choreography was too good.  They moved with the ease and grace of an awards show opening number.  The third guy was watching the whole scene and started to stroke his dick.  Eyeballing it, he had a solid 8 inches of thick dick with a nice curve upward. 

I was really more concerned with how fucking sexy his arms and armpits looked as he was jerking off. 

At this point, the guys on my jock were both down on their knees in front of me, one jacking me off while the other worked his mouth on the head of my dick.  This wasn’t a situation where we had the luxury of time, so I was working up a load as quick as I could.  The third guy, while still jacking off, took out his iPhone and started to film.  As soon as I put my hands behind my head, he took the cue to eat out my armpits which immediately pushed me over the edge.  I started to blow a huge load, squirting out a good 8-10 ropes of thick nut.  Some landed on my stomach, some in their mouth, some all around where we were seated.  The third guy used some of my cum to lube up and finish jerking off, spraying his chest and abs.

It felt longer, but we couldn’t have been out there for more than 15 minutes.  It was quick, fun and I was sorta bummed that no one walked in on us.  In hindsight, I considered that the whole thing was filmed and is probably now on someone’s OnlyFans page, but fuck it…  It is what it is.  If anyone ever stumbles on it, send me the link.

Back in the bar, my friend and bartender were smirking at me and asked if I had a good time.  

I don’t know what you’re talking about,’ I said, playing coy.

It was then explained that the patio had Nest security cameras and that my bartender friend was watching the whole thing.  He also kept people from storming the patio until we finished.  I was told later that a coin toss determined whether or not he would broadcast it on the bar’s televisions as it was happening.  LOL.  

Heads, I win.  Lucky me.


Also spent some time with a longtime, amazing gent in Ft Lauderdale who brought me in to spend a few sexy, relaxing days at Pineapple Point.  


I had never been to the property before and didn’t really know what to expect, but it exceeded in all ways.  I’d probably call it the best run gay B&B I’ve ever been to.  It was sprawling, nicely laid-out, had a great gym, lush landscaping, clean pools, hot hot tubs and the guys running it were fun and flirty without being disrespectful or lecherous.  I’m also a fan of any hotel that does a comp happy hour.  

Pineapple Point’s room design is Blanche Devereaux’s bedroom from The Golden Girls mixed with a lot of interesting, colorful Chinoiserie.  It was whimsical and kitschy.  

The bed was comfortable.  The sheets were soft.  The AC handled the South Florida humidity.  I also liked that several of the rooms had their own outdoor patios, some more private than others.  Not sure you could easily host a 6-man orgy on one, but the thought did cross my mind.

That said, we did get into a little group trouble late one night, which ended up with four of us at the hot tub, naked and getting into some sexy oral action.  My amigo took one guy.  I took the other.  I ended up laying back, half in the hot tub and half out, getting a nice, long blowjob that ended up with me feeding this guy my load.  I returned the favor, letting him jerk out his nut onto my mouth and chest.

The hot tub ended up looking a little bit like egg drop soup that night.  

Thank god for chlorine.

Overall, the trip was great and it made me want to go back and explore more.  Lauderdale has a strong gay community and it feels a lot like what Key West was when I first started visiting.  It also has the advantage of having great beaches, easier flights and more amenities than the island.  I believe it’ll be a place I’d like to visit frequently in the near future.  It’s got the



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Upcoming travels:  Mexico City, San Diego, Las Vegas and Puerto Vallarta.  Looking very much forward to PV, as it’s always a city that leaves me wanting more and with a greater appreciation of Mexican culture.  Spending half of that trip at Casa Cupula and the other half in Conchas Chinas.  Happy to be getting away from the cold, into some warm, humid air and endless sunshine:  It’s the perfect excuse to wear very little.  Trip reports coming soon.



Be safe out there guys.  As always, thanks for staying tuned,