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August 2020

Take it from me, telling people HAPPY COVID! is nothing like wishing them a Merry Christmas.

While I don’t think it’s exactly the new normal, I’d definitely say it’s the new now:  Sequestered like an OJ juror.  The great thing about the human condition is that we’re infinitely flexible (or should be).  We adjust, we ebb, we flow, we bob, we weave…  We have no choice.  Rigidity equals breakage.

It reminds me of what a friend of mine says about wooden roller coasters:  If they don’t shake, they break.

In the spirit of adaptation, I remain as busy as I choose to be, even with my wings being clipped to most international travel.  The handful of places we can holiday as healthy Americans seems to change on a daily basis, but over the next few months I’ve got trips to Istanbul, Mexico City, Rio and a ton of time in South Florida and the LA beach cities.  I’m (sorta) keeping out of trouble, seemingly keeping American Airlines happy and finding a new groove within the weirdness.

My main concern remains for those I spend time with:  It’s difficult to adjust to isolation.  People don’t usually flourish staying within four walls and living their lives in a digital realm.  We need sunlight, social interaction, physical activity and human touch to maintain a sense of normalcy.  I realize I’m describing humans like house plants, but, hey, there’s a lot of correlation.  A big issue is that I’m seeing a dramatic downturn of people’s ability to communicate effectively as they’ve gotten more comfortable in being by themselves.  It’s concerning from a mental health standpoint and a precursor to permanent changes in societal norms (for the worse).

As for me, I feel pretty good, physically and mentally.  I’ve used this time to change up my workouts, leaning down and working on flexibility and defining small muscle groups.  I have avoided gaining the COVID-15, actually losing a few pounds during lockdown, opting for healthy prepared delivery meals and sticking to that plan as much as possible.  I still have a weakness for Asian beer (and Asian guys).  I don’t think I can cut that out of my life without being incredibly sad (Asian guys included).


It’s no big secret that over the last year or so I’ve changed my image online, going from a traditional clean-cut, frat-type guy to someone with a little more edge.  In constantly exploring my own sexuality, I’ve found what really turns me on is when guys want a tall, muscular, masculine, verbal, dominant guy-  A guy who’s fully comfortable with his own body, his sexual needs and knows exactly what makes him desirable to others.  In adapting what I do in the bedroom, I’m seeing a lot of clients tell me they’ve been waiting for me to make this change.  They like it.  The positive reaction has been overwhelming…  And hot.

There’s something really fucking sexy telling a guy you’re going to stuff your cock in him and fuck a load into his tight hole.  I was never a big verbal guy before, but damn if I don’t have a natural talent for filth when I’m asked.  For me, it makes my dick rock hard knowing that my pleasure is what’s getting someone else off.  Hearing a guy who’s bottoming for me beg for my load is intoxicating.  Same goes for a guy who wants me to just kick back and enjoy him blowing me.  If he’s willing to put in the work, I’m willing to fill his mouth with cum.  The real turn-on for me is knowing how much he’s enjoying the scene and that he’s eventually going to get exactly what he wants.  There’s always some dominance at play, but ultimately it’s 50/50 whether they know it or not.



I’m perfectly happy being the vanilla, guy-next-door boyfriend, but it’s nice to know my skill and comfort level with a wide variety of sex is there when I want it.

With the change of look came a couple of guys who were strictly looking for me to hit the door, dominate the fuck out of them, shoot my load and leave.  No recip.  I’m cool with that as long as everyone is comfortable with the scene.  Wearing a tight, white wifebeater comes in handy as they have easy access to my armpits (a HUGE hot spot for me), watching me flex and frankly, wearing them has always turned me on.  Can’t explain it, but the feeling of the tank makes me hard almost instantly.  Some of the hottest sex I’ve had has had me either fucking or getting fucked while wearing one.  Same goes for fucking in high tops or cross trainers.  It’s wardrobe Viagra.



Lately, I’m steering clear of Grindr and taking out my sexual aggression/frustration/enjoyment in the escorting world.  It’s been a bit of a sexual revival of sorts for me, leaving me to seriously look forward to every session, reminding me of the early days and why I got into the industry to begin with.

The Twitter feed remains a fun diversion.  If you haven’t checked it out, why not take a look and catch up.  I post a lot of random stuff, but you can always count on some skin, some humor, some travel and NO FUCKING POLITICS.  Ever.  We have far too many cable channels for that already.

I’ve also got an online Q&A site that allows an easy, anonymous way to ask me just about any random thing you can think of.

The photo gallery has been updated in the last few days, but the archive spans back to 2003.  My ‘look’ changes almost as frequently as Texas weather.



I’ll get trip reports from Santa Monica beach and Key West/Miami up in the next couple of weeks.  I’ll also spend some time detailing what it’s like to travel at the moment and how airports are truly handling the situation.  I know a lot of readers are wanting to get back on the road, but don’t feel safe or know what actual protocols airlines are taking.  I’ll cut through the bullshit and let you know what I’m seeing, first-hand.  Just think of me as the gay, travel-obsessed Edward R Murrow, but without the cigarette and suspenders.



I’m more of a harness guy anyway…



Be well and stay safe out there,