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June 2020

Sometimes the experience is so good, it can’t wait for a full post.

Semi-regular fuck bud and I got together in San Antonio the other night: He’s a muscular black guy, perfect bubble butt, hung long and thick, shaved head, the epitome of what most people would consider an alpha, dominant guy, but always wants me to pound him when we’re together.  He’s never gone for my ass.  Always wants to be hole up, get it eaten and then fucked… hard.

Like jackhammer hard.

Like workmen doing major repairs on the Brooklyn Bridge hard.

So.  Drove to his apt on the northside, giving me twenty minutes to amp up, his front door was unlocked and I found him on all-fours in the living room.  I was rock hard before I hit his door, knowing he would be ready to go, so I stripped off my tank and shorts and worked up some spit for his hole.  He said it had been awhile since he’d bottomed, but I knew that was code for don’t be a fucking pussy… Just pound me.

His hands hit the living room wall as his ass immediately took me balls deep.  He’s always been into bareback play with me and while he had lube around somewhere, I much prefer spit with the right guy/ass.  It gives me just the right amount of friction and a near-guarantee that I’m going to have no problem dropping a huge load inside of a dude.  Too slick and I tend to numb out after awhile and then have to jerk off like a wild monkey to pop.  As a top, I’ve got to feel the guy’s hole on my cock…  That’s what’s gonna get me to blow.  In car guy-speak, it’s basically the difference between driving a Kia and a BMW.

He didn’t know, but before getting there, I had edged for about an hour to prep for an insane orgasm.  Not only did I want to make sure I would see stars, but also that I’d cum enough to have it dripping out of his hole after I was done fucking it.


Sometimes in life you give guys a glazed doughnut and other times, it’s Boston creme.

His hands were against the wall.  My dick was sliding in and out of his ass in a nice, constant pounding motion.  I knew I’d go harder on him as I got closer and at this point, he was making little sounds as my dick was hitting the back of him.  I gotta say that it turned me on watching him embrace the pain because he knew he’d eventually get what he wanted.

After 20 solid minutes and my body now covered in a nice coating of sweat, I got into the homestretch and started to really knock his ass out.  With his hands still attached to the wall, my fucking translated into enough force to drop one of his pictures off the wall, breaking the frame and landing next to us.  I smirked, but was way too close to sealing the deal to stop pounding him out. I-think-I-can-I-think-I-can-I-think-I-can

Without missing a beat, he told me to- and I quote- ‘fuck that jock load into this ass, bro’ and as if by magic, my wand instantly responded with 7-10 shots of thick, white nut.  For good measure (and because I like the way it felt), I kept fucking it deeper into him until I went soft.

Bonus Uno:  He seriously didn’t want recip.  By then, it was 1 am and frankly, I was thankful that I could just blow and go.  While I almost always enjoy getting a dude off, there are times when it’s late, I blew a huge load and I just want to hit the sheets.  He straight-up Miss Cleo read my mind.

Bonus Dos:  He texted after I left and said he was now jerking off with my load in his ass.  That was sexy and scores him major slut points for our next meet up.



While visiting, I’m fortunate enough to stay in a home with a very large, completely private outdoor space.  It’s awesome getting to stay naked for 90% of my day.  It’s also especially fun jerking off outside in sunny, hot weather.  Waking up in the morning allows me to open the glass doors, get in the sunshine and get some naked stretching/yoga/abs in.  Perfect way to start the day.  Wish I could do that in Dallas.

Currently working on a new full edition of 15MM, but continue to post daily on the Twitter feed.  I need to work on updating the photo galleries and plan on doing that in the next few days, so be on the lookout for some sexy new stuff there.  In SA now, but heading to the Texas coast in a few days and then to Miami and Key West.  I may stop in Orlando on the way back to DFW, but not entirely sure.  It’s really all dependent on how ‘open’ Orlando is at that point and if I can get easy access to Disney.  We shall see.


Feel free to email suggestions for things you want covered on future editions of 15MM….  As always, I’m listening.





Remain healthy dear readers,