The first fully-erect, balls out post of 2020, we’re almost through March and it’s already been a rollercoaster facefuck of a year, no? 

Is anyone else ready for a little less excitement?  Damn.  I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

Throughout all of this, please know that your readership, emails and interaction are SERIOUSLY appreciated, helping keep this the longest-running blog in the industry and something I still look forward to writing, even when I have no clue where it’s going.  I’ve always thought it’s that knife edge that keeps it fun, for both you and me.

I recently mentioned on my Q&A leveling-out some of the writing here on 15MM:  Meaning, as much as I like sharing my sex life, I also realize there’s a large contingent of people who enjoy the other stuff:  Travelogue, products, places.  In finding that balance, I think the blog will benefit and will be- overall- a more entertaining read.  This isn’t to say that journaling about banging around the world will go away.  Not at all, actually- I just need to work in some additional variety while I’m telling you about the last guy I blew a load in.  Sound do’able?


So, back to it…

Las Vegas was on the travel schedule earlier this year and while the trip turned out fantastic, it’s a city I’ve been actively avoiding for quite awhile.

You’ve got to understand, at one point I was going twice a month for several years in a row and the glitzy veneer wore thin.  I guess you could say I was burned out on it.  A fancy hotel can’t disguise the fact that it’s a city purpose-designed for people to allow themselves to act like assholes and get away with it.  Everything in excess.  Middle America ideology mixed with overpriced vodka, shaken and served at room temperature.  Vegas is a place where seeing a woman’s tits & ass is kosher, but the second it veers from that societal norm, all hell breaks loose.  They clutch their pearls and their guns.

Las Vegas’s gay scene are windowless, smoky bars and strip mall, dilapidated baths: It’s as if they actively encourage the community to hide.  For as much money as the Strip brings in from the LGBT community, they seem to ignore us almost completely…  And in return, it’s become a tough thing for me to ignore, especially when I myself have done so much business there.  As I get older, I recognize the importance of where you spend your money and what doing that ultimately means.  Sometimes you’ve got to vote with your wallet, even if it’s just for your own peace of mind.

Aside from this soapboxing, I did have a great time seeing the new Tropicana renovation.  It reminded me of a modernized Golden Girls set.  Warm colors, faux-wicker finishes and a smart move into subtle tropical themes versus beating you over the head with it.  It’s one thing to have a little umbrella in your Mai Tai, it’s quite another to wear a flowered-shirt, Crocs and plastic lei while drinking it.


I also spent a week in South Korea, enjoying a very chilly Seoul but getting to immerse in their food scene, skin clinics, diverse history and outstanding shopping.  Of all major cities I’ve visited in Asia, Seoul is the one place that I’d go back to tomorrow without hesitation.  It was a genuinely friendly city that balanced tradition and progress beautifully.  I felt very fortunate to have seen it in full-swing before the Corona pandemic hit.

I stayed at the new(ish) Four Seasons, which turned out to be the absolute perfect hotel to have picked.  We had a beautiful suite that overlooked the Palace.  Room toiletries were on-point (Natura Bisse), toilets were magical (Toto Washlet) and the included daily breakfast buffet at The Market Kitchen had no less than 7 kinds of kimchi and delicious beef bulgogi (which I mixed with scrambled steamed eggs).  I was in foodie heaven. 

The executive lounge on the top floor was the regular spot for nightcaps and snacks.  The hotel’s staff was nothing less than 150% on top of everything.  Like a good attorney, they were thinking several steps ahead of the guest, making it feel as if things ‘just happened.’  If I’ve learned one thing in traveling around the world, it’s that truly impressive service is ghost-like, not showboaty.

Their speakeasy cocktail bar– Charles H- was easily accessed as a hotel guest, but clearly popular and working off strict reservations otherwise.  The bar is just beautiful design: dark, clubby, comfortable and incredibly sexy.  Lots of gleaming subway tile.  Brass and gold finishes.  Lighting that compliments the way people look.  What’s most interesting is that the space extends into several other hidden rooms, accessed by pulling on bookshelves and walking through false mirrors/paintings.  By my count, there were five rooms with five bars, all playing Rat Pack soundtracks and staffed by very, very talented bartenders.  The financial sting of the nearly $25 cocktail was eased somewhat when I realized I was drinking perhaps the best (and strongest) sidecar I’ve ever had in my life.

After three rounds, the sting was long gone and I was quietly singing the wrong words to Mack The Knife.

I also had a killer meal at Akira Back, another of the hotel’s eateries.  The Michelin-starred dining room design was reminiscent of the Oren/Crazy 88s fight scene in Kill Bill:  A modern dojo.  The food was what I would consider Japanese comfort with a contemporary twist.  They had a fun soju list, which I regretted drinking as there were a considerable amount of stairs to climb back up to the hotel level.  Needless to say, I didn’t have the stair dexterity of Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.


I arranged for a private food tour of Gwangjang market, as I wanted to eat my way through some well-known stalls.  Netflix’s Street Food series has made celebrities out of some of the market’s cooks and I knew going in early would ease the crowds.  As luck would have it, the first stall we hit was the one I was most looking forward to: Cho Yonsoon’s knife-cut noodles (kalguksu).

She makes the noodles by hand daily, serves them in a rich, bone broth and clearly loves what she does.  Her smile is infectious, her voice friendly and I felt incredibly fortunate that our Korean-speaking guide could adequately express to her how much I enjoyed her food.  I could have sat there all day and eaten bowl after bowl. 

I also have to mention that her kimchi is spectacular.  I now lust over it.  Instead of thinking about naked dudes when I jerk off, I think about her delicious kimchi and I blow my load almost immediately.  It’s that good.

From Mung Bean Pancakes (which taste sort of like McDonald’s hash browns) to Gejang (raw, soy-marinated chilled crab), Gwangjang is nothing short of overwhelming and a challenge to even the most diverse palate.  I ate at nine different stalls while there- well past the point of being comfortably full- and would have kept going if my travel companion didn’t want a nap.


I kept fit in Seoul thanks to the Four Seasons having two entire floors dedicated to what was really a city-based country club.  One entire floor is nothing but gym with every single kind of equipment and machine you can imagine.  It was great.  While hotel guests have full-access to all of it, locals can buy yearly memberships and use it as a way to work with a trainer, swim, spa, network, etc.  The most insanely cool thing about it was that Four Seasons built their own version of a traditional Korean sauna.  Sex-separated.  Beautifully designed, clad in all-white marble with six hot pools, cold plunge, snow room, dry sauna and steam.  In addition, they have the traditional sit-stool showers to wash up before bathing.

Most fun for me was that it was, as it should be, all naked, all the time.  I was the singular tall, blond, hung, muscular Westerner surrounded by some surprisingly hot, naked Korean guys.  Lots of tight gym bodies.  Everyone was 5’9” or under.  I’ve always loved the dichotomy on Asian guys of smooth bodies with bushy, thick pubes and dark, thick armpit hair.  Big turn-on for me.

Also surprisingly, it felt pretty cruisy.  Lots of lingering looks, so I figured what-the-fuck and took full advantage of my ability to walk around without a towel.  Like I’ve said before, if you’re lucky enough to have an audience, give em’ a good show.  And bottom line, it was a sexual thrill for me to see how far I could push this.

Turns out I didn’t need to wait that long. 

While I was sitting on my stool and rinsing off, getting ready to soak, I saw another guy sit down across from my stall and start his shower.  Handsome Asian gent, mid-40s, compact muscular body, great arms, smooth, poreless looking skin.  Without really thinking about it, I started watching him soap up and naturally, it didn’t take long for my dick to do its thing.  Not only does it have a mind of its own, it’s basically like a Butterball turkey thermometer:  A little heat and it pops right up.


I was ready to hit the hot water five minutes back, but decided to sit, keep the water on and see what this dude would do.  He looked over at me, clearly checking out my cock, continued to rinse and put his soapy hand on his now-chubbed up meat.  Jackpot.

The great thing about this was that we had a perfect view of each other, while being blocked out from a wider view.  It’s like the designers of this place didn’t assume that guys would be cruising the fuck outta each other and made the most perfect wet area for discreetly messing around.  It’s also times like these that I’m thankful for spas that put conditioner pumps in each stall.  I like it slick whether I’m just jacking off or fucking someone and I really don’t have the slut foresight to bring silicone lube into a legitimate spa. 

This was a huge win-win situation for the Four Seasons in my book, but certainly not the kind of thing you write about in a TripAdvisor review.

So… We both end up turning to face each other, still jerking off and still about 20 feet apart.  Watching his abs and shoulder muscles twitch and contract as he was beating off was totally doing it for me.  I flexed some bicep for him while I was stroking, which he smiled about and seemed to like, working into me licking my armpit.  That he really liked.

For me, part of playing alpha male is making sure the other guy knows I blow my load where and when I want.  It’s quiet confidence and silent control.  I wanted to get this guy as sexually on-edge as possible… That’s when you can get someone to forget their reserved nature, see them fully let loose and do things that push their sexual boundaries.  From the look of his nuts, I knew he was close, so I quickly got up, went over to his side, towered over him and slapped my dick against his mouth.  At that point, he clearly stopped giving a fuck about a muted volume, moaning loud enough to be heard across the wet area.  I wrapped it up by jerking a huge load on his face and in his mouth, which he quickly matched with his own healthy load across his chest and stomach.  No kissing.  No real touching.  A true blow-and-go.  I cleaned up and finished my hot water soak-cold plunge routine.

Best K-spa day ever.






As this edition was being finished up, it’s clear that the world is currently in a serious state of crisis. Corona/COVID is changing the face of many industries, some permanently.  The entire thing reminds me of advice my mom used to give me growing up:  She’d repeat’ The best defense is a good offense.’  ‘Never be surprised by life.’  ‘Always be prepared.’  ‘Know several different routes to get to the same destination.’  ‘Think outside the box.’

Jesus Christ, I just realized my mom sounded like a convict on the run.

But seriously, I believe it’s these well-worn cliches that will help people survive what seems to be one hell of a rocky road ahead.  I hope that everyone reading is taking good care of themselves mentally and physically, turning off the 24-hour news cycle as needed and remembering that the greatest thing we’re given as human beings is our sense of humor.

Use it.  I sure as hell will.


Wrapping this up for now, but the next edition will cover some additional stops in Seoul (100 facial injections at a skin clinic, K-beauty shopping, more food and attempting to find covert gay bars), my first cruise through Europe with Viking Ocean (it was fucking incredible) and a detailed ‘what’s in my medicine cabinet’ look at the products I use daily to keep fit, handsome and healthy.


As a little preview, I’m sharing my biggest beauty secret with you now:



Just attach under the chin, yank upward and attach at the crown.

If it’s good enough for Joan Collins, it’s good enough for me.


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Be safe.  Stay well and keep the lube handy dear readers,