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February 2020

The one question I get a lot:  WHAT MAKES BENJAMIN BUST HIS NUT?

Well, to give you an idea, I’m going to start this as a series of mini-link posts here on 15MM.  Enjoy:




This one is odd for me because usually other gingers aren’t my thing, but this dude pounds the fuck outta the bottom.  Huge turn on.  He’s got swagger and just enough muscle on a thinner frame to make him really fucking sexy.  He’s hot, dominant and a little trashy, but that works here.  The foot on the bottom’s face while he’s jerking out a load is also a nice touch.



He’s young, muscular and knows how sexy he is.  Confidence can be very attractive and this guy’s got it…  As well as jerking out a nice load.



Who doesn’t love watching a hung Brazilian guy jerk out a thick load?  I’d have liked to see him shoot it further, but hey, we can’t have everything and the scenery is still pretty damned nice.



It’s no secret that I want to put my dick and a whole lot of cum in Damien Crosse.  I’d pound him out in a second if given the chance.  Of all the overproduced stuff he’s done, I like the homemade gonzo look of his newer stuff.  He’s still as beautiful as ever and his work is even hotter now that he’s going bareback.  It’s clear he gets REAL piggy when he’s being topped and for me, that’s a huge turn on.



Maskurbate has always had a great variety of hot guys.  Something about watching a guy fuck into a Fleshjack until he cums that’s sexy to me.



Equally as hot: Latin guy, nice dick, great body.  Sexy armpits.  When he puts those arms up over his head and we get a nice look at his hairy pits.  YUP.




Favorite current whack attack pic you ask?  Yeah, got one… 


It’s odd considering I don’t get bent out of shape over oral, but the combo of his face, his hairy armpits and the musculature of his arms are things that make my dick rock hard.  I’ve cum looking at this single pic multiple times in a day.



It’s funny that in my thirties, I have a healthier sex drive than when I was 18.  Discussing this with my Doc the other day, he couldn’t explain it to me but said I should just be thankful as most men’s T-levels are tanking as they approach their 40s.  Twice a year as part of my regular blood panels, they look at my testosterone levels and yep, they’re high…  I assume from leading a healthy life, working out and attempting to mitigate the negative shit.  We’ll see how long I can keep it this way.

The one thing I will not do- ever- is anything unnatural to keep it like this.  No HGH, no steroids, no cheating.

Naturally, the benefit to all of this is a quick recharge time in-between orgasms.  While it’s not always the case, a recent trip to San Antonio had me fuck a client, blow a load, suck on his still-hard dick for a little while longer, feel my dick rock back up and five minutes later start fucking him again….  And blow another load.  Two huge cumshots, 30 minutes.  It was the first time I got a round of applause after fucking someone.

The next day I had to myself, thinking I’d have a little bit of a dick-hangover, but no:  Woke up, jerked off in bed, hit the gym, came back and jerked off again.  Watched some of The Crown.  Dabbled on Grindr, found a nice muscle bottom down the street and spent the next two hours pounding another two loads into this guy.  Came home, cleaned up, ate dinner.  Popped an Ambien before bed and jerked off just before hitting the sheets (and while the Ambien was doing its job).


Yup.  5 cumshots, 1 day.  Full orgasms each time.  I dunno why, but I’m not complaining.