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July 2019

As I continue to work on a longer travelogue for recent travels to Thailand, Mexico City and New Orleans, I wanted to do a sexy mini-post now.

While I try to include a wide variety of topics on 15MM, clearly the most popular topic usually involves me fucking, getting fucked or some kind of boloney sandwich thereof.  Don’t get me wrong…  It’s fun to share that part of my life, but I also don’t want this to be a strictly-dickly kinda thing.  This is quite a bit like Miss America wanting to be known for more than just playing the water glasses.  I WENT TO HARVARD DAMMIT!  I’M SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST THIS CROWN!


So, this guy…

A fun find in New Orleans and added as a third to a fella I was already traveling with.  He ended up being as tall as I was, thinner, but with just a beautiful body.  Long, lean muscle.  Thick legs.  Nice piece of dick.  This was a bit of a surprise for the gent I was with and as much as I wanted to jump mouth-first onto this guy’s 8×5 meat, I ended up being a voyeur (and cameraman), watching this Cuban stud hammer my friend’s ass.  It was actually kinda hot having to hold back from joining in.  I got off on my friend getting off and in the end, I helped finish off the Cuban by jerking off onto the bottom’s hole and watching him use it as lube for his dick.  That pushed him over the edge.


And it continued into San Antonio with these two guys…

I’m not sure if it’s how I’m working out, my diet or just happenstance, but for the last couple of months, I can literally get off 4-5 times a day if I put my mind (and hand) to it.  These guys were met on Grindr, separately, over a weekend back in the Alamo City.  I had to go back to SA to take care of some legal paperwork and figured I might as well use the Airbnb I was at as a less commercial version of The Chicken Ranch.  I was in a central location, guys were slamming me with messages and my only consideration in all of it was if I was going to fuck or get fucked.

There are worse problems to have.

Guy one… Immediately knew it was a visual match.  He was exactly a weak spot for me: Brown, muscle guys with big dicks.  He was a top who wouldn’t budge on any versatility kick, so I said fine, prepped for it like a good soldier and invited him over.  It’s always a good sign when he walks through the door a) looking exactly like his pics and b) rock hard.  He was wearing a wife-beater tank top and silver chain (weak spot two).  I told him to leave both on.  As much as I would have been cool with watching his abs flex and contract as he was fucking me, there’s something about a guy in a ribbed tank that TURNS ME THE FUCK ON.

Another thing I noticed about him was that he had nice, well-groomed feet (weak spot three).

He wasn’t big on kissing and foreplay, quickly stripping me down and getting me bent over the bed.  Something told me that he had a girlfriend somewhere in all of this, but asking him about that while he was working his 8″ cock into my ass was neither the time nor the place.  A little lube, some lamaze breathing and I was warmed up.  Thanks to the whoever designed this bedroom, I got a nice view of him pounding me out from the two large floor mirrors on either side of the bed.  From the sound of his breathing, he wasn’t going to last long and it didn’t help that I was giving him my patented muscle pulse as he was pumping into me.  Part of me was little bored because this guy didn’t bring an A-game sex experience, but the other part of me (the slut part) was highly turned on by what was basically a straight guy using my ass as his personal dick storage unit.

Cut to the chase: He fucked a load into me, got dressed, left. He Prefontained his ass outta there.

And yep…  I never got off.  My balls were so blue, I should have offered them Zoloft.  I thought about just jerking off, showering and heading to bed, but damn, I needed to finish this one right.  It was 1 am.  I jumped back on Grindr.  Browsed through messages.

‘Here for basic, sneaking off base, total bottom, looking to get fucked.’  DING DING DING.  We have a winner…

So, I lined up two fucks in one night.  That’s the beauty of versatility.  This kid arrived (he was 22), had the haircut, the swagger and the body of someone who was going through the physical hell of bootcamp.  From the get go, he was the polar opposite of the earlier guy: He was passionate, a great kisser, and clearly super comfortable with what he was doing.  Even though he’d end up getting fucked in five positions that night, he took control from the beginning, stripping us both of what we had on and leading the flow of things.  I felt like the most bottomy-top with this guy.  It was different but fun.

One of the things I like most is when a guy can give a killer blowjob.  This guy had that down.  Spread eagle on the bed, on his stomach, he swallowed my dick and kept me right on the edge for a good 15 minutes.  An even bigger turn on was playing with his tight ass and telling him how deep I was going to put dick in him.  With guys who like it, I can get super verbal and really dirty.  This guy wanted me to keep spinning near-constant chatter while he was working me over, which was cool and ultimately turned into me doing an NFL-like play-by-play of what I was doing and what I was going to do to him.  I was basically an even more perverted version of Frank Gifford.

We cycled through a few positions and it was great sex.  Can’t complain about his ass or his commitment to getting fucked.  What surprised me (and him) was when I was jackhammering into him from above, he ended up shooting his load without touching himself.  While that’s great for the bottom, it does put a kink in me continuing to pound him to get my own nut.  Unless he asks for it, I’m gonna be a gentleman and pull out.  Men are cyclical creatures who’s motto can be ‘get off, get sleepy, get that thing out of my ass.’

So, while I didn’t get to put a load in his very nice hole, he did immediately ask me to jack off on his face.  I’d say that’s a pretty hot consolation prize.  I mean, sure, it’s not winning the whole Showcase Showdown, but hell, you won $10k earlier at Plinko.  Just be happy.

Bonus: He ended up swallowing my incredibly large, long worked-up load (Or, should I say tried to…  I filled his mouth and it dribbled out.  It was awesome)

The moral of this whole story is, clearly, I have no sexual morals.  Well, that and I’m still trying to figure out a way to write a positive Airbnb review that gently mentions how awesome those two bedroom mirrors are if you’re getting fucked.



Look for a full edition of 15MM in the next week and in the meantime, check out the new additions to my photo galleries.  Both ‘random’ and ‘travel’ have all new pics from various places.  I also continue to tweet up a storm, sharing various odd stories, selfies, gym tips and general crapification.  The one thing you won’t find there (or anywhere on my social media feeds) is political talk.  We get enough of that prefabricated shit on the daily…  I want to entertain, not depress you.

Also, the Q&A is busting at the seams with questions and I’m getting answers out as quickly as I can.  Thanks to ya’ll who have taken the time to ask.

The one question I’m asked repeatedly and can’t always answer properly (due to their TOS) is ‘what turns you on the most.’  Sexually, I’m a moods kind of guy: I can easily get into a lot of different things, different people, different body types, different ages, etc.  However, I do have a few things that are constant.  Love guys armpits- mine included- and usually incorporate some kind of pit play into whatever I’m doing, even if it’s just putting my arms up behind my head when getting my dick sucked.

It’s a really simple thing, but it’s also a part of what makes us men.  Hairy armpits.  It’s masculine.  It’s sexy.

Pics like these are HUGE jerk-off material for me:




Be well,