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June 2019

Summer is here and that means my clothing is (mostly) off.

Lo siento.  A new post is in the works, but I needed to get a few trips knocked out before updating. As fun as traveling around can be, I do sometimes have problems juggling the people I spend time with and attempting to keep up with various forms of social media.

Heading to Mexico City this coming weekend and then various locations around Thailand for the last half of June.  I’ll get a new edition of 15MM online by mid-this week at the latest.  Thanks to some interesting content suggestions, I’m going in wide directions with this new post: Everything from sweaty, post-workout sex to what personal care products I like.

I get a lot of emailed questions about (anti) aging and how as a ginger I’m handling it so well.  I’ll get into that too.



For the time being, keeping up with my horse & pony show on social media is an easy way to see (almost) naked photos of me, read smart ass commentary and get an up close look at just how inane a frequent flyer’s life can be.

My personal suggestion is to jack off to the photos and use Twitter when your Ambien isn’t working.