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January 2019

If you’ve been reading 15MM for any length of time, you’ve probably heard me wax poetic about Steamworks in Chicago- likely the best bathhouse in the States and if I was in charge of giving out Oscars, they’d definitely have won a few in the ‘Best Place to Whore Around in Much Less Than a Hoopskirt’ category.  It’s consistently the cleanest, most well-designed play space I’ve visited, packed with a huge variety of guys, all shapes, all sizes, all colors…  And all ready to fuck.  It’s environments like this that make me wonder why Grindr is still a thing when you can easily come here, skip the pretense and fast-forward to dropping a towel… and your inhibitions.

In visiting Chicago for NYE, it gave me the chance to head back for some fun and enjoy some of the recent renovations to the facility.  Checked in, got set up in a room, changed into a nice tight pair of briefs (I use towels to clean up, not to wear) and some sneakers (Steamworks might be spotless, but damn, you don’t know what’s on a dark floor…  Have some couth). 

This is the look:


On a Friday night, SW was packed:  Lockers sold out.  Tons of guys.  A little bit of everything roaming around.  Exactly what the experience should be.

There are three types of guys in a bath- One, the dude who goes in, blows his load and immediately leaves.  One and done.  The other are the guys who really use that 8 hour time limit by busting a nut, going back to a room to recharge, busting another nut… Rinse and repeat.  Then there are the guys who know they aren’t multi-orgasmic, so they start to play and then cut loose midway through- Basically teasing themselves until they can’t hold it back any longer.  While I always say play hard, I also say play smart and figure out who’s worth your time and who’s just using you as a fluffer.  It don’t mean a thing if he ain’t in that sling.

Not that I’d know anything about being in a sling

Personally, I’m the guy who sticks around for at least a few hours, busts a few good loads and leaves feeling like I’ve accomplished something.  Sorta like climbing the Mt Everest of Sex.  The goal is hitting the exit door exhausted.  I mean, why else would you go a place like Steamworks if you’re not going to leave walking bow-legged?


Doing a first lap of the floor, I immediately zeroed in on a 30-something, incredibly muscular Asian, wearing a low-cut swimmers jock with a runner’s ass just begging to be fucked.  Luckily for me, compact Asian guys often like the tall, built, dominant, all-American look that I’ve got, making it an easy intro and even easier time bending them over.  He passed by me, grabbed my bulge and followed me to my room.  Like I said, it’s everything Grindr’s not.

He had that perfect lean swimmer’s build: Hard, muscular shoulders, v-shaped back, lined up abs, proportionate legs and an ass you could sit a beer on.  At no more than 5’8”, he knew his role from the second the door closed behind us…  On his knees, swallowing my dick.  Seeing myself in the room’s mirrored walls, I lifted my arms behind my head, watching him blow me while admiring my own muscular, hairy armpits (a huge turn on for me).  I also had a nice vantage point of his ass lifted in the air, showing off a smooth, pink hole.  The harder I fucked his mouth, the more turned on he got and I knew that it was only a matter of time before I was tagging him.

I pulled him off my dick, turned him around and worked up a nice, thick spit onto his hole, using my tool to spread it around.  I slowly worked it into him, listening to his breathing get heavier while starting a solid rhythm in and out of his ass.  Between watching his upper back muscles twitch as he was getting fucked and my own body pumping into him in the mirror, this was turning out to be a lot hotter than I had expected.  As a bottom, this guy was tight, clean and it was going to be an extreme pleasure blowing my load in him.  He was enjoying the steady stream of bro talk I had going, telling him how much seed I was going to fill him with, how hard I was going to continue fucking him, etc.  Shit like that gets me off, especially when I know it’s pleasing the other guy.

I fucked a good seven spurts of nut into his hole.  Didn’t even pull out to glaze his ass, instead using that Jedi top focus and kept pumping him through the orgasm.  I pulled out and started to clean up.  Impressively, he stood up without so much as a drop, put his jock back on and left the room.  No recip on my part, but that’s exactly what he wanted.

Recharge time came in a quick 30 minute lifting session in SW’s gym on the top floor- It was totally empty, allowing me to hit it hard.  Aside from my old gym in Key West, this is one of the few others gyms I’ve worked in that allows as much or as little clothing as you want.  Sure, there’s a little ego at play in working out shirtless, but ultimately, it awesome getting to see how hard you’re working every little muscle.  It does my body very good.

I’ll save the second (and third) rounds for the next edition, but overall, Chicago is a city that always delivers a good time:  NYE was cold, but enjoyable.


On this trip, I was based at The Peninsula, one of Chicago’s older ‘grand dame’ properties, but definitely one of their best.  Rooms were recently renovated, with new tech being installed and a total refresh of the soft product.  It feels modern without feeling cold.  The color palette of the rooms are now a very relaxing contemporary gray and light blue.  Their gym and indoor pool remain impressive.  The location was perfect for those who like Michigan Avenue shopping, museums, good eats and a short walk to the theatre district.  For me, it was just a couple of blocks from the Gold Coast Equinox, which was my main gym base while I was in the city.  While it wasn’t the best layout for a gym, it got the job done and the free weight area stayed mostly empty during the day.

NYE was spent on a boat, cruising the canals of the Chicago river and watching several fireworks shows the city produced.  Again, cold as hell, but a lot of fun.


Coming back to Dallas (and coming back to cold temps), I decided it was time to hightail it to the K-spas, spend some time in super hot water, get scrubbed within an inch of my life and melt away the noise of Chicago.  As I’ve reported in earlier editions of 15MM, spending an afternoon at a Korean spa is a perfect way to recharge your body, especially during the winter months.  Spending extended amounts of time in warm, recycled air is rough on your skin and overall hydration levels.  A K-spa visit is a little bit of a ‘reset’ to that.  As long as you can follow protocol (strip down, soap up, shower off and enjoy the water), a few hours soaking and getting scrubbed is damn near magical…  That is, unless you have guys who confuse it for Steamworks.

Bottom line: I don’t want to be on sexual edge when I’m in a place like this.  I come here to relax, not to get eye-fucked by married guys who are too chickenshit to hire an escort or just go to a gay bathhouse.  In the end, I don’t let this kind of shit ruin the experience for me, especially when I can quietly blow their minds just walking around the place naked.  There’s nothing more entertaining than watching their reactions when I take just a little too much time soaping up my dick and ass in a very public, non-curtained wet area.

In the words of Gypsy Rose Lee, ‘If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing slowly…  Very slowly.’

The scrub was excellent.  Yeah, you’re treated like a piece of meat and the guy bent me into odd shapes to get into all the nooks & crannies, but the way you feel when you’re done: Incredible.  Smooth in places you never knew existed.  Pummeled, polished.  Ready to meet the Wizard.



I’ve got a fair amount of long-haul travel on the upcoming schedule, but will plan on writing more short blurbs here on the blog to keep things current.  I hate falling too far behind as my memories of certain things become a bit hazy the longer I wait.   Look for a wrap-up on my time in Orlando (and getting to experience the incredible bubble at Disney’s Golden Oak development) and an upcoming guaranteed crazy gay visit to Puerto Vallarta in future editions.  Add in travels to NYC, Tokyo, Las Vegas and my 13th visit to Rio’s Carnaval, it’s going to be another jam-packed springtime of me running from one end of the world to another.  Even with American Airlines upping the requirements for keeping top elite status in 2020, I don’t think I’ll have a problem with them or any of the other airlines I do business with.


I frequently get emails from guys asking if I have done or have ever considered doing porn.  While I’ve gotten some nice offers from websites and studios to put myself out there, allowing a third-party to profit in perpetuity off of my image is something I just can’t do.  If you have marketing skill and half a brain for the psychology of advertising, you don’t need to use porn as a way to sell your escorting career.  More important is realizing the days of huge studio porn stars are dead and gone.  Price-per-scene is laughably low.  A good escort can make a lot more money than anyone who’s doing gay adult video, all while controlling their image, owning their product and getting to do business in a way they choose.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  The biggest form of power you have in this world- and particularly, this industry- is the power to say no.  When you have a contract with a studio, you can’t easily say that.  They own your name.  They own your image. 

As for me, while you might not be able to find me attached to any mainstream video, you can see a few guys I’ve fucked who filmed the hook up.  Two I knew about going into it and one was a hidden cam situation (but didn’t bother me, as he fessed up afterwards).  One of the videos was of the now-infamous ‘I broke the bed by fucking him so hard so we took it outside where I fucked him on a fence’ hookup in Savannah, GA.   I also uploaded a couple of solo vids, no face, of some muscle flexing and jacking off.

You know I’m not going to make it as easy as to namecheck the gay porn tube site they’re on, but if one day you happen to be watching a jacked ginger who looks suspiciously like me…  It just might be.


As always, you can keep up with my online shenanigans and half-naked internet hooliganry on TWITTER, my ASKfm page and the recently updated PIC GALLERY.  Enjoy.