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September 2018



The cardinal rule of using Grindr in Mexico: If you really want to have fun, sharpen that Spanish and find yourself a hot local amigo.  Why the hell did you travel all the way to MX just to hook up with another American on vacation?  The best way to create a memorable experience is to know that the words boca, pinga, culo and meco go hand-in-hand… and other places.

Jumping right back into it, the rest of my time in PV was most productive:  Wake up-jack off-slam two cups of coffee-hit the gym in Centro.  Not only was it one of the only air conditioned gyms in town, but it also seemed to be where all the gays went.  Since I don’t confuse gym time with fuck time, I got in, got a great pump and usually spent the rest of my day at the pool or bouncing around the Zona Romantica with friends.

I broke all rules of clean eating, inhaling 8 tacos at Pancho’s Takos.  They have the best pastor I’ve ever had in my life.  Tiny, itty-bitty place and the tables are nearly touching- but hey- it’s Mexico and for incredible tacos, I’ll put my elbow into my ass if I have to.  Also, I gotta say that their alambre tacos will change your life.  If you’re into nopales con carne, just get an order and thank me over email later.

Pro-tip: If you don’t want to be seen as a total guero, make sure you ask for all of your tacos on maiz, not flour.

On the Grindr circuit, Mexico proved muy impressive by disproving my personal rule on group scenes totally wrong.  I usually don’t go for multiples, but this persistent (and sexy) guy told me he had the perfect bottom for us to use…

Other pics of this dude quickly proved why he was a what I would consider a commodity top.  Hung, thick.  5’10”. Nice lean, muscled body. Hairy armpits. Sexy buzzcut.  He clinched it when he sent me a pic of him, shirtless, wearing a thick silver chain- A unique, but very real turn-on of mine.

The bottom was more compact (5’7”), more muscular and what I would consider a nicely built otter.  This was his pic…

Again, the neck chain, the shaved head, the thick legs, great body hair and wearing simple white briefs with sneakers.  HOT AS FUCK.  It was all I could do to not lick my iPhone screen like some kind of decrepit Harvey Weinstein impersonator.  I messaged the top and told him to tell the bottom to wear his sneakers and chain when we fuck.

We ended up meeting at Spartacus, a gay sauna in the middle of old town: It spans over several floors and has an awesome open-air pool/bar on top.  Since this was a BYOT (Bring Your Own Trade), I wasn’t really looking for much more than a private room with a sling.  The guys showed up in skin tight Hanes wifebeaters, hightop sneakers, shorts and, as requested, silver neck chains.  As hot in person as in the pics.  From the second we hit the front door of Spartacus, our tanks were off and when the door closed on the room, it was on.



Clothing off.  Sneakers remained on.  The bottom guy dropped to his knees and took turns blowing us.  Clearly a hidden ambidextrous talent, the guy expertly worked a dick with one hand while using his mouth to deep-throat the other.  The other top fucked his mouth, hard.  No gag reflex.  If I weren’t so turned on at that point, I’d have given the guy a round of applause.

This wasn’t a foreplay-romance kind of scene:  I don’t think anyone went in for a kiss once.  This was two dominant top guys- both ready to fuck- looking at the sub in front of them as an open hole to pound.  Now hooked into the sling, the bottom dude mentioned he came pre-lubed and that we just need to start tagging his ass.  Perfect.  I slid in first.  Tight hole.  He knew how to work a top while getting fucked, not letting his hole go loose and keeping a nice, steady grip on my dick.  The other top guy was keeping the bottom’s mouth busy by continuing to fuck it.  Based on how the bottom looked in the sling, he was super into it, but I also think he didn’t totally consider what he got himself into.  Perhaps a little bit of the eyes being bigger than the stomach.

I hadn’t cum earlier that day, so I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to be able to fuck him for decades.  After about 15 minutes of steady slamming, I blew my load, leaving him dripping pieces of me onto the floor underneath.  The other top immediately took the opportunity to use my nut as lube and put his thick cock into the guy.  My dirty mind spinning a little, I decided to spice things up by opening the door and seeing who wanted to join in on the scene.  The top smiled a little at this and continued to fuck the bottom.  Watching him pound into the guy was hot, his hands behind his head- his biceps slightly twitching-his hairy pits covered in a little sweat.  I had to give it to the guy…  He had awesome stamina.  It was sexy.



Hot, super muscular black guy walked into the room.  I was in sitting in the corner, in recovery mode.  The top was about a minute away from busting his nut and from the looks of it, the black guy was rock hard and ready to fuck anyone willing.  Fast-forward 30 seconds: Top guy seeds the bottom.  Bottom thinks he’s done.  Black guy moves into place and tells him to ‘lay the fuck back and take my dick.’

You know the old saying ‘You can’t rape the willing?’  Yeah, well, that’s exactly how the bottom handled it.   He bit his lower lip and rallied.  BULLY FOR HIM.

When the guy dropped his towel, his dick was gigantic.  Not only thick, but long.  Realistically a true 9×5, attached to an incredibly jacked body:  Lined-up, hard six pack, great chest, totally smooth, hulking shoulders, shaved bald head.  Watching him ease into this guy’s ass was like watching great choreography.  The bottom took about 2-3 inches at a time, until the whole thing was inside of him solid.  I think what turned me on most was knowing that the black guy was using the cum of two other guys as his lube.  Crazy hot.

At the point, I was boning up again.  The other top guy seemed to be over it, was wiping himself down and getting dressed.  He bolted.  I let the sling scene be my personal show for awhile, sitting in the corner and stroking.  Watching the black guy from behind, his v-shaped torso, thick legs and muscular ass, fuck into the slinged up bottom was perfect.  I could tell that he wasn’t going to last another ten minutes, so I positioned myself at the face of the guy in the sling.  With a animal like grunt, the top guy slammed his load into the bottom and in near-unison, I blew my second load on the bottom’s face.

Took a quick shower and then got out of there.  




I promise the next edition of 15MM will focus a little more on where I am and a little less on who I’m fucking or getting fucked by:  Sure, it’s fun sharing my exploits here on the blog, but I also want to keep the travelogue aspect intact.  After MX, I spent a solid, great-weather week in London, seeing a good friend make his debut at a cabaret club and generally enjoying the last remaining quiet in the city before the locals came back from holiday.  One of the best visits to London I’ve had in a long, long time.  I look forward to sharing it with ya’ll.

In the meantime, you can see my recently updated photo gallery HERE, as well as keeping up with real-time thoughts through my TWITTER and ASKme feeds.  As always, I’m appreciative of the readership and look forward to sharing more in the near future.