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August 2018


A brand-spanking new edition of 15MM and another quick visit to Houston, which left me with two open nights of time to play.  Grindr proved for endless conversation and time-wasters so I hightailed it to Club Houston around midnight in hopes of finding something a little more exciting.  If you’ve got the balls, a bath is always going to beat an app.

The facility is now under serious renovation, with plywood walls and construction in about 40% of the club.  Sadly, those walls didn’t have large holes drilled in them- Missed opportunity.  While I wouldn’t say it’s not worth a visit, it does make traffic patterns a little strange.  Actually, it tends to get more guys into the dark space upstairs and out of the hallway, so that’s a bonus if you’re looking to get some public action.  The entire gym is closed down (boo).  The wet areas downstairs are all functional, while the showers/bathrooms upstairs are all closed for total redesign.  Not sure when it’s all reopening.

Friday night crowd was good: A sexy mix of ages/races, mostly athletic guys.  Was able to snag a large video room with a view over the downstairs shower.  Got into the room, changed into a snug, low slung pair of briefs, a thick metal cock ring and a snapback.  I don’t get into walking around in a towel, as I’d rather keep it clean in the event I need to use it.  Plus, walking around in something different when everyone else is wearing a towel is just good marketing.


The dark areas were already getting sweaty.  Hot bear in a sling getting fucked by a line of guys.  Private booths packed.  Video area full of guys all watching each other jack.  Super sexually-forward crowd- which I like- that all seemed to be looking for action.  I saddled up into one of the now-open booths and stuck my meat through a glory hole:  Immediately got a mouth working on it.  Found I could put my hands on top of the booth to really get some leverage.  Fucked his mouth for about five minutes- no cum shot-  just long enough to get myself going, get things flowing and get primed up for the rest of the night.  My goal usually isn’t to see how many times I can cum in one night, but how big the actual load can be.  It’s sorta like edging with other people and then finally figuring out who’s going to get the load.  A sex slot machine.

Early on, I saw the guy I wanted to take back to my room:  Mid-20s, nice V-shape torso, lined up abs, bubble butt, about 5’7” and lips that looked they could take paint off the walls.  We passed each other in the hallway multiple times with him taking a liberal squeeze of my package every time.  We both knew we’d eventually fuck, but were having fun with the chase.  Twenty minutes of this and he ended up following me back to my room.

His towel was off before I had a chance to close the door.  Nice, thick, uncut dick.  Clean body.  Nice feet.  Hairy pits.  Beautiful ass.  Clearly submissive, he got on his knees and worshipped my body for awhile, concentrating on my armpits (a hot button), biceps and balls.  The kid sucked dick like a champ, but I knew I wanted his ass from the second I got him in the room.  Tip:  All it takes is eating someone’s ass a little to figure out if they’re going to be a hot fuck… If they squirm uncomfortably, Houston, you’re going to have a problem.  If they arch their ass up, let you push deeper, it’s almost a guarantee that fucking them is going to be primo.  Body language is everything in foreplay and having sex:  Paying attention to that is what makes someone a great lover.

Tongued his hole for awhile.  His voice got louder and language more filthy.  Perfecto.  With just a little more spit, I worked my cock into him from behind.  Tight.  Put a little more spit on my shaft and fucked him, getting into a nice rhythm.  Nothing’s hotter than hearing your balls hit a bottom’s ass as you’re pounding him.  I flipped him over on the edge of the bed, standing over him, and continued fucking him while watching him pull on his dick.  From how good his ass felt, it was clear he knew how to work a dick inside of him:  He would tighten and release as I was sliding in and out of him.  It was really tough to hold back.  Thinking of Margaret Thatcher was not working.

Since I hadn’t jacked off that whole day and was amped up, I really wasn’t in the mood to ask him where he wanted my load.  I kept fucking him through my orgasm, pounding nut into his ass.  He blew his load, hitting his face with cum, later telling me he could feel me shoot inside of him and that’s what got him off.  I consider that a compliment.  What most impressed me about him was that when I pulled out and he got up to leave, he didn’t leak a drop.  Now that’s talent.

Crashed out back at the hotel.  Woke up to a killer workout at Equinox.  While I’m not huge into messing around at gyms, I did show off a little for a couple of guys there in the steam room.  It’s impossible for me to not get boned-up after a good workout, so sitting there in less than a towel, I just kicked back and let it fly.  No jerking off on my part, but I watched two guys across from me pull out their large tools and blow loads watching me flex.  I consider that a community service to the greater Houston area.  Where’s my gold key?

One more night to myself in Houston and I went back to The Club for an encore.  At about 11 PM it couldn’t have felt more different than the night before:  It was empty and the overall vibe was dead.  Snagged a video room, rise and repeat.  Did a circuit of the club and other than a super-pushy little guy who kept asking if I wanted to get fucked, the place was DOA.  While the little guy could have been a fun time (nice body, huge dick, latino), the combination of his attitude and his breath were killjoys for me.

That, and the fact that he’d need a step ladder to fuck me properly.

Went back to my space, edged for about an hour to some hot ’80s porn and shot my load.  Not what I would call one of my great bath experiences, but you can’t win em’ all.  That certainly doesn’t mean that you quit trying.


Big thanks to my readers for the email and compliments on the recent blogs.  It feels good to get back to writing, sharing my adventures and generally just having an online presence where I can be open about things.  In reflecting on my time in Vallarta in the last post, I decided to book myself some personal time there next month.  I plan on spending the week seeing what kind of trouble I can get myself into, definitely exploring Spartacus and getting just a little color in this skin from a few relaxed days at Blue Chairs.  Expect a full report, but in the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter for my day-to-day and on-the-go pics.

Spent a quick long weekend in Las Vegas last week, hosting an event for a good friend.  After a few days on the strip, it’s clear to me that the energy of that city has now passed me by completely.  It’s really not what I want from my personal downtime.  On the positive, I was able to keep up at the gym, but my sleep was shitty, I drank too much, I ate too much and I came home needing a vacation from my vacation.  No bueno.


We did a Backstreet Boys concert at Planet Hollywood, as well as a VIP table at the sad, single gay dance club left, Piranha.  Both were good.  After a few drinks at Piranha, it was only natural that my shirt was going to come off.  I knew my time in the gym is paying off, as the table of chatty twenty-somethings next to us all quieted down and did a double-take at me (and I even heard a ‘damn’ or two).  Being healthy is my prime objective, but being objectified in your mid 30s ain’t so bad either.

Upcoming travels:  Manhattan for a week, London at the end of the month and just booked a holiday visit to Dubai over Thanksgiving.  Lots of trips in the middle.  I plan on updating 15MM as frequently as I can and welcome any emails on what you’d like to see or hear.  Also, I’m always answering questions on the Q&A, so feel free to shoot me a question- about anything- and I’ll get to it asap.



As always, I appreciate your readership.