Every now and then, Grindr restores my faith in hot sex and actually scratches the itch:  For the 90% of flakes and fakes, you occasionally get a guy who cuts through the immense bullshit and tells you exactly what he wants and how he wants is.  That’s attractive to me.  Being direct.

While I’m typically on a bottom’s radar- being tall, muscular and physically dominant- there’s always those guys who approach me as the Mt Everest they want to climb.  Many of them fall into the standard Grindr conversation loop and as my attention span when I’m looking to fuck is low-to-non-existent, this universally ends in me blocking them and remembering why free gay porn on the internet is so wonderful.

That is, unless they send me a pic like this…

6’ 190 hung. Early 20s. A little too young for me normally, but he was saying all the right things at the time.  That, and his body and dick looked near-identical to Kayden Gray, a London-based fella in porn who I’ve had the pleasure of getting fucked by.  I’ll save the story for another blog, but it was definitely one of the hottest fucks I’ve ever had.  Back to this Grindr guy…  He was a stated top only.  Fine by me.  He immediately spun some dirty chat on me.  Seemed to have a sixth sense that with enough buttering me up, I’d flip the switch into sub muscle bottom.  He wasn’t far from me, so that made it an easy decision. 

Bottom line: I was going to service this guy and then put his rather large dick in me.

His face matched the body. Nice chiseled jawline. Lean, ripped body. Great muscular ass.  His cock was hard from the second our shirts came off. I was taller and had more muscle, but he handled me like a true alpha:  Pushed me down on my knees and shoved his dick down my throat. I ended up against a wall, hands behind my head, with him pounding his cock into my mouth.  Huge turn on.

He kept a constant verbal barrage going. His low, deep voice told me to back off unless I wanted a mouthful of cum. As hot as that sounded, I wanted him to fuck my hole first.  I got on the edge of the bed in a half doggy position with him standing behind me.  I could feel him lubing up my ass and watched him ease into me from a mirror across the room.  Seeing the flex of his abs and ass as he was pumping into me was a huge turn on.  He pulled his muscular arms up behind his head so I had a perfect view of his hairy pits as he continued pounding me.  I could see on his face that he was loving it, but also concentrating to keep his orgasm under control.

Flipped me over, put my legs on his shoulders, my hands behind my head and slammed into me hard.  Pinning me down on the bed, his hands on my armpits (huge erotic spot for me) and fucking me faster now, I knew I could get him to blow if started to get verbal.  Before I could start, he bends forward and puts my dick in his mouth, while continuing to fuck me.  Ten seconds of him deep throating my tool and I told him I was going to nut.  He didn’t stop blowing me so I took that as confirmation to shoot my load in his mouth.  That got him off.  With a throat full of my cum, he pulled his dick out of me and shot a huge load across my neck, chest and armpits.

No great romance.  No ridiculous pretense.  A great, sweaty, athletic fuck.  Exactly what I wanted.  Cleaned up, got dressed.  On the way out, he told me I needed to return the favor the next time we got together.  Based on how nice his ass looked, I’m already looking forward to tagging it.



Up next: Puerto Vallarta and London.  Will share real-time pics and updates on the Twitter feed and write a wrap-up here in the next couple of weeks.  Looking forward to hitting up some of their saunas, enjoying cooler UK temps and getting in some productive gym time.

Near future travels have me in Orlando, Dubai/Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, Los Angeles, Houston and Chicago.  Always excited to take great trips with some of my favorite people.  Also, keep an eye out for a trip report on spending the last week on St Kitts.  Beautiful island, awesome people and I successfully drove on the left without killing anyone…  Traffic roundabouts are a thing of beauty.  I had been once years ago, having stopped there on a cruise ship, but knew I wanted to come back and really explore the island.  I’m glad I did.  Unique, enjoyable experience.



Until next time, be well…