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December 2016





It’s interesting and a fun trip down memory lane getting your 100th review, but in the end, it’s really all a testament to loving what I do.  A solid collection of triple digit, picture-perfect reviews: I brag a little about this because I know it’s a distinction that very few other escorts have in this industry.  Those of us who do, we represent the men that are the true escorting elite and who take pride in the experiences we offer.

For me, it’s an entire career of spending time with some of the greatest people in the world…  And for that, I am always thankful.

A massive thanks also goes out to the owner of Daddy’s Reviews…  MQ would certainly be proud.  Years later, it’s more clear than ever that he picked the right man for the job.  A perfect 100 reviews and Coverboy of the Day = A huge amount of appreciation.




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Happy Holidays.  Be good to each other,