I think Dallas has been treating me pretty well so far.  Getting things settled here to start traveling again, but really been working to bust ass in the gym and generally look & feel my best in the most healthy way possible.  The lesson I’ve learned from years of calculated self-preservation is that there’s no quick fix for a shitty lifestyle:  Steroids, too much sun, drinking, drug abuse and lack of sleep makes a hot guy look like garbage pretty damned fast.  I plan on looking great through my thirties and forties thanks to preventative maintenance, healthy eating and knowing the difference between my wants and needs.

My apologies to those who have been emailing and been getting slow or no responses…  I’m working on getting through all of my transition messages and should be caught up in the next week.  Also, to those who repeatedly email about same-day or immediate appointments:  They’re not available and aren’t something I’d ever do.  I don’t rush into scheduling and am not the kind of guy who needs an extra $300 at the last-minute.


Besides, good things come to those who wait 😉




Be well,