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November 2015


Due to a seriously large influx of emailed concern, I’m posting these pics in an attempt to curtail rumors of my imminent death and/or retirement.  Have no fear, I am alive and well!

Interestingly enough, this headshot was taken by my dermatologist.  I saw and immediately asked if I could steal them.  They’re not perfect, but they look like me…  And that’s something I like quite a bit.  Wonderfully, my forehead doesn’t have a line in it and I’m a better man for it.  Aging gracefully?  Preventative maintenance is more like it.

I’m working only a couple of times a month these days, so my schedule remains a tough Oreo to dunk.  My apologies to those who have wanted to spend time together, but can’t find an opening.  I’m planning on sticking around the business until the end of 2015 and then weighing my options on a new city.  Part of my year will always be spent in Key West, but I’m thinking of Manhattan or Chicago otherwise.  I guess it all depends on my patience for dealing with snow, slush, sludge and cold air.  For the time being, I’ve got Thanksgiving in NYC, Christmas holidays split between Santa Fe and Maui and then most of the wintertime in Key West.

My fitness commitment remains strong, with two-a-days on Mon/Wed (BodyPump, cardio), weight room and stair machine on Tues/Thurs.  I’m lean and muscular.  I’m proud to say that my ENTIRE body looks great, not just the parts that are easiest to take selfies of.  *wink*



Be well dear readers.  15MM isn’t much for updates these days, but I do appreciate everyone keeping up.  The Q&A is as alive as ever and I’m always up for a random question or two: