Post-Turkey, Hawaii…


Maui is truly one of the most beautiful places in this world.  #Lahaina

Been here nearly a week and it’s almost time to jet out for colder climates and winter travel.  Hawaiian weather this time of year makes me seriously reconsider living anywhere that experiences actual seasons… Maybe it’s why I love Key West so much.  Maybe it was growing up in Chicago and learning to truly hate the weather there.  Who knows.

There is unrequited beach bum love inside of me, unfortunately trapped in the closet of a fair-skinned Irishman.  I’ve learned with some maturity that accepting it and not spending my life trying to be something I’m not is probably the most healthy option for me.  Based on my most recent snapshots, I’m pretty sure I’m doing just fine.  Surprisingly, I’m also pretty good on a surfboard for a guy who’s 6’3″


Mahalo Wailea. You certainly do make it tough to leave the beautiful scenery,