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September 2014


Holy shit…

Has it really been over a month since updating this blog?  Well, it’s about time to change that and give a little late-summer update.  From the looks of the above taken-today photo, I’m doing swell, packing on the lean muscle and enjoying these warm, clothing-optional months.

The last couple of weeks have put me on the idyl island of Key West, FL, allowing me true relaxation and a sense of ‘being a local.’  The days have a wonderful sense of breezy, uneventful enjoyment, with gym routines being kept and domestic duties dutifully accomplished.  It’s a welcome change from my upcoming travel schedule, which will see me in Hong Kong, London, NYC, Las Vegas, Orlando and Buenos Aires.  Basically, I’m on a plane almost constantly until the Christmas holiday.  Such is life…  And life could be MUCH worse.

Even though things are quiet around here, you can always keep up with my near-daily musings thanks to Twitter and photoblog.  I’m also constantly adding new photos into my online gallery, which can be found here:

I’ve also answered some pretty spicy questions on my online Q&A feed.  Ask me anything!  It’s 100% anonymous which means you can let that filthy little mind twist out whatever makes your teeth sweat.



Be good guys.  And if you can’t be good, be very, very bad.