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January 2014


I’ve been getting a handful of emails asking about the recent lack of photos and updates:  No reason to worry fair followers.  I’ve been keeping busy on the travel end of life, as well as continuing my commitment to keeping flauntingly fit.  Spring is just around the corner, which really means I’ll be hitting tons of warm weather spots in what will likely be small, very tight swimwear.  Slacking at the gym is just not an option.  For those worry warts out there, here are some up-to-the-minute snapshots of yours truly.  My stats remain the same… 6’3″ 195lbs 8% bf:



Just hit 12.5k followers on Twitter! A big thanks for those who recently followed my live tweet at The Grammys.  Tons of fun and the snark level was through the roof.  I hope to do the same at this year’s Oscars, as well as TONY awards.



I’ve added new photos to the online gallery.

And don’t forget that I am still answering any questions you might have, big or small:




Stay warm, play hard and, as always, thanks for staying tuned