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November 2013

#91 and it continues to feel as great as my very first…  Thanks PlanoPop for another smashing (and dashing) review!



Just back from a week in Maui.  A real pleasure getting to see an island I haven’t been to since I was a wee tyke.  Lots has changed, but the beauty and charm of it all hasn’t moved an inch.  A really special, romantic and relaxing place…  I’ve already made plans to head back before the end of 2013.

The left-side menu has been updated and removed the long-standing broken links.  HOORAY!  Now you can click to visit all of my online web presence, while continuing to read about my past adventures through the ‘Archive’ section.  I plan on blasting through a dozen or more new Q&A questions and encourage anyone to submit something new to the ‘ask me’ mix.  Upcoming travels include Las Vegas, Philadelphia, NYC, Miami and London.  As per the usual, all of my travel is at client request, so I don’t currently have any plans to open up anything for meetings while I’m in these cities…  My sincere apologies.



Be swell and do remember to smile now & then,