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March 2013



In between postings, I thought I’d add a few new snapshots of body progress- 6’3″ 195lbs 32 waist and 7% body fat.  Most of these pics can also be found regularly on my photoblog. Hope you guys are enjoying this new muscle as much as I’m enjoying the work that goes into building it…  No matter how hard I work in the gym, it will never change who I am, what I do and the outlook I have on this industry.  Too many people gain a shitty attitude with body transformation:  Not me, not ever.


Sad news: The Formspring Q&A page is closing…  They’ve decided to shutter the entire website and I’m actively looking for a replacement, as it was a popular and well-used feature.  If anyone out there knows of a truly anonymous Q&A platform, please email me: Also, I’ve uploaded a slew of new images into the archive.  CLICK HERE to check it out now or use the menu on the left-side of this blog at your leisure.

Good news: Had a couple of great new reviews post up on Daddys Reviews.  I’m always thankful for the nice things people have to share about me:


Hot (fuck) stories from Key West on the way, a couple of things from a recent Chicago trip and maybe just a little industry gossip.  Stay tuned.