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January 2013








I trust that everyone has had a fantastic 2013 so far… 15MM is in the process of an update, but in the meantime, why not check out where I’m at right now (as in, this very second… Or close to it).  I’ve kept all things updated, including the logo links of Twitter, photo archive and the real time photo-journal, all linked above.  Enjoy!

You might notice that I left out the usual plug for my popular Q&A page, which currently has over 600 answers to questions that people have pondered.  While I still love the format, it appears that the function of Formspring has been broken:  They are now requiring you quickly register before submitting anything new.  While Formspring ensured me that you can still ask anonymous questions, I am against this new term of service as it disallows someone to truly feel as if they can ask anything without consequence of identification.  Until I can find a suitable replacement, I will continue to answer any new questions in the inbox, but I foresee this BN-centric feature going the ways of the dinosaur.  Stay tuned and if you feel willing and able, do submit a question or two.

And most important to me, my apologies for all of these extra hoops they’re now making users jump through.  My intent is fun and simplicity, not added crap.