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October 2012

On the media-greased heels of Hurricane Sandy, I’m back to Texas from the yearly bacchanality of Fantasy Fest, a Key West tradition that has overgrown into a needed yearly financial windfall for the small Conch island.  Attracting some 100,000+ revelers, what sounds like a fantastic party in design has really become nothing more than an excuse for tourists to behave badly, vomit loudly and make life for locals as miserable as possible.  Not that a silver lining doesn’t exist to this tale of torture, but it’s found not in the parties inside the bars on Duval, but in the private events the locals throw for their own (and who they’ve adopted as ‘their own’).  It’s where I’ve had the pleasure of meeting interesting guys like Christian Slater and David Arquette, two of the nicest people who regularly come down to the island and find the One Human Family aesthetic to their liking.  It’s also where you end up meeting the local political brass who, in a small town like Key West, can seriously help out if you’re ever finding yourself in a pickle.  There are times when the ‘Good Ol Boy’ system can make your life a whole lot easier.

My gym on Truman remains the sweaty, non-air conditioned, meat head mecca it’s always been, although with new ownership has come a cleaner, painted and more gussied-up joint.  I’ll stick around as long as the dress code remains at zero, as it’s the only gym I’ve frequented that allows shirtless lifting- Not just pumping up your ego, it’s great in making sure you’re actually working out specific muscle groups.  As it’s also the gym-du-jour for the local Russian go-go boys, the eye candy ain’t so bad either….  Even if I have to suffer through listening to them butcher the English language, loudly.  My only real quibble with this place is that too many guys come in wearing flip-flops and it’s a real danger to push weights in improper footwear.  Aside from breaking a bone, it’s a liability for the facility.  I’d hate to see a needless lawsuit close down one of my favorite usual haunts.

With season just on the verge of opening day, Key West is getting back into the swing of things, business is booming and what was a social wasteland in the summer months now turns back into a packed house for business owners.  Lots of incoming traffic from Miami and Lauderdale bring a nice mix of young and old.  Key West, even with all of its evolution, is still a fantastic place to stay and play, whether you’re gay or straight.  Only those who truly don’t take the time to explore the island say that KW is dead.  That couldn’t be more far from the truth.

Was finally able to find some time to go out and have some fun, ending up one night back at a guy’s place down the street where I not only fucked him, but the house guest he had staying with him too. I guess I was knocking the back out of the first guy loud enough to wake the second guy, who then came into the bedroom, already stripped down and promptly put his ass in the air for me.  Most fun part of that threeway:  Putting them both side-by-side for a dual facial.  Pounding them both for over an hour worked up a killer cumshot…  They were drenched.  I unloaded.  I went home, went to sleep.

Also got to get back in touch with my trusty bartender/fuckbud who’s always down to play, perfectly versatile and gives one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever gotten.  He’s also one of the few young guys I’ve met who truly loves to swallow…  Almost every time.  Literally, if you’re fucking him, he wants you to pull out, rip the condom off and shove your dick in his mouth, all before you’re about to cum.  It’s quite the production number.

If he’s fucking you, it’s a lot easier to handle, as he can just keep nailing you on your back and then bend his mouth down when you’re going to nut.  Either way, it’s easy clean up and that’s the kind of thing that makes me very happy.  No fuss, no muss.

With the weather cooling down, that’s no excuse to let my summer muscle go away.  Been continuing to kill it at the gym, intake lots of protein and change up my lifting when things get a little stale.  Now regularly taking boot camp classes and supplementing my free weight days with BodyPump, which is amazing for keeping you vascular and ripped looking.  It’s always tough when it’s colder out to regulate eating healthy, but it’s really just a matter of keeping my progress in perspective and knowing that I’ve worked hard to get what I have now.  For those who have been emailing to ask what I’m currently supplementing on, here’s a quick rundown of what I take on a daily basis:

It seems like a lot, but it’s also for me the quickest, most safe/sane way to build the body I want without the side-effects of steroids.  The body I want is one that’s flexible, lean, vascular and healthy.  I see too many mis-proportioned, lopsided looking guys at my gym, all who are more concerned with only the muscles they can see versus whole-body health.  At 6’3” it’s a lot more work for me to put on real muscle, so I need to make sure my supplementing and lifting are as efficient and effective as possible.  So far, I think, so good.  I’ve never looked better in my life, my clients seem happy with my look and I feel great.  An even better side effect of all of this?  The working out makes me want to fuck almost constantly, so it’s really a win win.  Who knew that going to the gym could be this much fun?


I was fortunate to get setup with some amazing seats to the Madonna concert in Houston this past week, allowing front-row viewing of what was my first show of hers.  I figured while not being a massive fan, I might as well see her before she’s attempting to look cool with a cane and rolling defibrillator in tow.  While I can’t say she puts on a better show than Kylie Minogue or Cher (and she’s certainly not as fun), she does run a tight ship and a nice looking production.  However, she’s not worth anywhere near what she’s charging for tickets.  $400/ticket for the right to simply see the expression on her face (or, in Madonna’s case, lack thereof thanks to botox and fillers) is highway robbery.  Have you no sense of decency, Madge?

Highlights of the show… Was using a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which is not normally known for it’s amazing camera:




A special thanks to those who have taken the time to send in reviews on me, as they were unexpected and much appreciated.  Some really nice sentiments and reminders of great times had…  For those wanting to keep current, here are links to both sites:

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I’ve also been tweeting up a storm of on-the-fly pics, snapshots and general nonsense about my life on the road.  It’s amusing, it’s stupid, it’s a silly waste of time…  Check it out.

And last, but certainly not lesbian, Happy Halloween dear readers.  Here’s a look at my costume choice for 2012 (posted on Twitter today).  It’s a little skimpy, but it’s incredibly low maintenance: