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May 2012

I think Lili Von Shtupp put it best… And with all due respect to the late, great Madeline Kahn.


In the last 30 days, I’ve visited Chicago, Manhattan, Las Vegas, Dallas, LA (twice), Sydney (yes, Australia), Key West and Miami. Just from that one month alone, I went mid-level elite in most frequent flier programs.  While the support crew at SAT has always known me, I’m now on a first-name basis with flight attendants and gate keepers at MIA and LAS, leaving me to wonder if I should be wearing this info as a badge of pride or the reason to commit myself to two weeks of immediate vacation.  If this trend of me not being able to say ‘no’ continues, I might end up topping myself (oooo, kinky) over last year’s record of 320,000 flown airline miles. Yeah, I’m cringing slightly as I type that. Just thinking about spending that on the airlines gives me enough immediate stress to begin scheduling in more masturbation time.

Let me put in a quick plug for my Formspring Q&A page, where anyone can anonymously ask me anything they’re curious about.  So far, I’ve responded to over 400 questions, leaving me to wonder how much more people want to know about me (or if there’s anything left to answer).  While I still currently have about 5-8 questions in queue to get to, I encourage anyone out there to send in a query.  I’ve gotten everything from questions about my daily routine to my various sexcapades.  As I’ve said before, I’m an open book….



I did get a private question over email regarding my use of gay sex sites like Craigslist, Adam4Adam and ManHunt and if it’s something I’m on with frequency.  If there’s one thing I don’t have much of it’s indiscriminate sex.  I figure that if I’m putting myself at some risk in my escort life, it’s best if I don’t compound that risk with too many outside jollies.  Yes, I’ve explored the sites before, but I’ve never actively looked for sex, met with anyone offline or kept up profiles.  You can bet that anyone out there who says otherwise is full of shit or was dealing with someone using my pictures as their own.  Now, my experiences at places like Steamworks are famously detailed here and I’ve been nothing but honest about that.  I always play safe and expect my partners to as well.  While baths aren’t places I’m going much to anymore, as the scene has just gotten a little boring for me, they do serve a purpose for safe, clean fun.  There’s nothing I dislike more than people who paint their lives and mindset in black and white…  What makes life interesting is embracing all those intricate shades of grey.  Open your mind a little.  You might be surprised at what happens.



And speaking of Steamworks, while I was in Chicago a couple of weeks ago, I stopped in for a late-night (11pm) visit to see how recent renovations were going.  I had heard there were some nice changes to the locker and wet areas.  The club was slam-packed, but instead of it piquing my interest, it really ended up just being far too busy for my comfort level.  No rooms were available, leaving me to strip down into a locker and roam the hallways for a bit.  The locker redo is great, looking exactly like a ultra-modern version of a YMCA locker room, likely giving real pause to those with a jock/team sports fetish.  The wet areas have been totally redone in stainless steel and the steam room is now literally the size of a small house.  The whirlpool remains the crowning glory, going back into a cavernous, maze-like area, all while keeping you in perfectly clean, hot bubbling water.

I spent a little time in their gym upstairs, waiting to see if things would settle down, but quickly left.  Walking Steamworks can be fun, but now when you’re being trailed by 6 guys who stick closer to you than Secret Service agents.  Getting stalked is only fun when you don’t want there to be a restraining order involved.


Heading back to LA this week and into typically beautiful California weather: Mid-70s and the perfect weather for the vehicle I’ll be supplied with, a 2012 Mercedes SLS Roadster.  It’s perhaps one of the most beautiful cars I’ve had the privilege of driving and it’s my main mode of transport for the next five days.  If you see what appears to be a blond, muscular giraffe driving through Beverly Hills in a black Mercedes convertible, wave hello or just honk your horn.  *wink*


In the spirit of keeping current, I’ve updated my Google Image Gallery with all of my recent snapshots, muscle pics and travelogue images.  I’ve also been furiously Twittering, finally getting ahold of using hash tags.  For those interested in my daily musings and images from the road, I have a photoblog that I add to constantly.  With those three avenues, as well as the tried & true nature of 15MM, there’s absolutely no reason not to keep up with my somewhat insane, but always interesting life.

I’ll leave you, dear readers, with some of my newest snapshots.  Enjoy: