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November 2011

It’s a little odd leading the kind of life that involves closely relating to people, all of them beginning as strangers who I may or may not opt to see more than once.  You see, in escorting, there are an abundance of time-wasters, stalkers, ner’do’wells and other folk who take great pleasure basking in the time you take to pay attention to them.  Time is money in this world and the time I spend giving them a glance is time I’m taking away from someone who actually deserves it.  Sadly, these are people who usually have very little going on in their own lives, so they attempt to live vicariously through mine- Whether that be in a positive or negative way.  I think we all have this kind of person in our life, but for the escort, it’s a real skill to learn how to not only ignore them, but to banish them completely.

Over the last 8 years, I’ve worked hard to not only build up a spotless reputation as an escort, but also as someone who has done things his way from early on, refusing to play the game that so many other, less successful escorts, get wrapped up in.  The prime rule:  Know your target market.  Saturate it. Close the deal and deliver a fantastic, quality product.  That kind of mindset has allowed me to see a very small circle of guys who are brilliant and very, very special to me.  They keep me traveling the world- 300,000+ miles on airlines this year alone- and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  Life, as it stands, is exactly what I’ve made of it.  I’ve worked hard in my career, hard on my body and at age 30, I’m right where I want to be.  I’m in my prime.

I think much of this public reaffirmation comes from an email I received not too long ago, which blindly offered me a full-package redo of my advertising campaign online.  After thinking about it, it’s not really something I need.  The people who see me now have seen me for awhile, but those who know of me, but haven’t made a connection yet likely will never do so.  After eight years, 70+ stellar reviews and a continued full schedule, I don’t think it’s wise for me to spend my time attempting to make people happy who’d rather just be bitter and fool themselves.  I wish every male escort who’s worth his salt would realize who they’re catering to and accept nothing less.  The vast amount of guys trolling for $100 trade on Craigslist is out there, but frankly, not the kind of ‘client’ that most escorts are looking for.  If you have to wheel and deal on a simple hourly rate, you probably shouldn’t be seeing an escort to begin with.  Onward and upward.

Some design tinkering has been done with the photoblog and so far, the emails have been positive.  It’s a little less clean, but it’s a lot more interesting to look at.  I’d like to start tinkering with this blog in the near future, but it’s a little tougher when most of it was hand-coded years ago.  I would need to figure out how to move the insanely large archive of blogs over and then work on the design aspect. Lots of interesting new things out there in blogging, but for some lazy reason, I’ve always kept the look of 15mm the same.  Perhaps it’s time that changed.

After getting email from another escort I know in Chicago, he suggested I take a look at the Don’tFuckWithUsNow escort blacklist blog. I had heard of it years back, but never took the time to sit and look through it.  Aside from it being a pretty entertaining read, it amazes me how much highly personal information is in these reports, eventually picked up by Google search bots and posted clear as day on Al Gore’s internet for everyone to see.  It seems to me that anyone with anything to hide may be shit out of luck if they incur the wrath of a scathed male escort.  The moral of this story seems to be to always pay your debts, treat those around you with respect and be careful how much personal information you share with a total stranger.


I’ve gotten a lot of emails about my current supplement routine (ie, the ‘what the hell are you taking to create that body’ message):  It’s pretty simple guys…  I don’t eat after 8pm, when I do eat I make healthy choices and I drink a couple of Muscle Milk Light shakes a day.  42 grams of protein. I also cycle on and off of creatine and nitric oxide.  When the creatine holds too much water in my body, I briefly use diuretics to flush my system out.  Here’s rundown of what I’m currently taking:


Heading to Manhattan tomorrow for a week or so, home in San Antonio for a day and then heading to Singapore where I’ll eat my weight in noodles and take care of my Christmas shopping in one of their many insane underground shopping malls.  Traveling through the rest of the year is going to be constant , but I think taking some time for myself in January is just the thing:  I’m considering some ski time in Utah or going back to Amangiri in Arizona.  Not really sure yet, but I know I want something relaxing and not city-based.  We’ll see.

For those who are fans of old musicals, I’d recommend not missing the chance to pick up the recently released blu ray version of My Fair Lady. The picture is superb.  The sound, if you are connected to a surround system, is fantastic.  Just watched it last night and I still think that Rex Harrison’s Higgins is one of the best musical characters ever. On the same musical plane, West Side Story was also just released in high-def format.  I haven’t had the chance to watch it yet, but considering it’s the quintessential American musical, I’m sure it’s great.  With the youthful resurgence of WSS (thanks to GLEE), I hope that more of the young’uns take time to watch the amazing original.  I think what GLEE did West Side Story was criminal.

Glad to see the uproar over the ‘new’ iPhone is nearly done with.  Why people would line up at an ungodly hour for anything, much less a cellular device, that’s outdated even before it’s out of the box is beyond me.  No 4G LTE speeds is a deal-breaker.  It doesn’t matter how fast the phone can process things if the network speeds are slow as molasses.  This opinion, you realize, is coming from someone who owns a Mac and has in the past owned iPhones.  I think the ‘cool factor’ of Apple devices is waning.  What people want in this day and age are devices that are functional and make life easier…  Not just pretty pieces of aluminum.

… Oh yeah, and did you hear that Steve Jobs died?

I’m also excited about this week thanks to my first Academy screener appearing in my mailbox.  Don’t ask me how I’m able to procure such a thing, but thanks to the connection, I’ll be getting a constant stream of Oscar-bait films to watch at my leisure.  If that’s not the cat’s pajamas, I don’t know what is.  Just posted a slew of new images to the Google Gallery, updating it with all of my new images and some travel pics too.  I’m spending the rest of my night getting caught up on my Formspring Q&A website (sorry for the delay) and plan on heading off to bed sometime before the sun rises.  I’ve got a morning date with a stair machine, as well as some free weights, so I can’t spend too much time surfing free porn sites.  MUST GET WORK DONE.


Here’s wishing everyone an excellent and thankful Thanksgiving,