Yep, new pics coming soon… This is a sample from the set.


Just got back home from a far-too short trip to the UK. Leaving tomorrow for a long weekend in San Diego and then spending the next week in Manhattan.  Lots to talk about in the next posting, but for now keep track of things on twitter and the always-on photoblog, both linked on the left-hand menu.  Lots of unanswered questions on the Q&A (apologies), but I promise to get to as many as I can on tomorrow’s flight to the West Coast.  I’ve also got my black running tights in from to put together one wicked S&M costume for Halloween (neoprene harness, black spandex pants, 50-eye combat boots).  I’ll snap some pics and make sure to post ’em up.  For now, I’m a bit jet lagged, so I’ll just keep it simple and wish everyone a great week.


To sleep, perchance to dream,