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September 2011

Does anyone else agree with me that it can be tough work taking a vacation? In that, I mean when on holiday in a remote location, sometimes it feels incredibly tough to just disconnect from the world, accept relaxation as your savior and enjoy the downtime.  That recently happened during my first full day at Amangiri, an ultra-remote resort located in Utah.  It literally took a couple of days to settle down, adjust to sleeping in complete silence and not immediately jump out of bed to hit the gym in the morning.  When you’re sleeping in a room that has both an outdoor sleeping sky deck, as well as it’s own private pool, it suddenly becomes easier than you think to get into that bummed-out frame of mind.

That being said, I sure as hell didn’t slack on lifting weights when the time came.  Amangiri has an incredible fitness facility (40,000 sq ft) and I had it totally to myself for the entire stay.  While my visit to Disney’s Aulani– in Honolulu- the other week was fantastic, it was frantic with grand opening ceremonies and the whole resort seemed to be stressed out and a little insane.  Amangiri on the other hand was private, not booked solid and for whole days at a time, I never ever saw another guest.  They only have 25 villas, so the feel of being there is one of total peace and quiet.  It’s really odd at first, but then it’s just amazing.

Here’s are some visual highlights of Amangiri:

Having a private pool made it a no-brainer that skinny dipping was going to be the defacto way to  swim.  No speedo, no worries… Well, except for the rather intense sunshine.  The water in the pool was perfectly heated and balanced.  The sky deck of the villa (on the roof) has a fully-realized bed, which can be used for sleeping under the stars or just daytime lounging.  Again, the ideal setup for someone who enjoys the freedom of going naked in nature without the odd stares of the outside world.  I gotta admit that in the whole time I was at Aman, I only really put on clothing to eat and to workout (well, sorta…  Due to the empty gym, I worked out in just shorts and cross trainers.).  It was exactly the kind of thing I enjoy and wish that more places I visit could be so freeing.

Speaking of the gym, I’ve been hitting it hard this summer with muscular results, loss of body fat and a general sense of better health following.  Another great side effect of working out comes in it’s regulation of testosterone, which in turn amps up sex drive.  From all aspects, there is no downside to taking care of your body, appreciating the work and sharing it with others.  Let me share a little with you now:




My Q&A website through Formspring continues to pose some interesting questions and I answer them as frequently, and as honestly, as possible.  A recent query asked me about any additional experiences at places like Steamworks (Chicago).  While I haven’t been there in awhile, my backlog of great experiences there remains strong.  My ‘type’ varies depending on my mood and Steamworks is the kind of place that attracts every race, look, persuasion, etc.  One night I might be on the hunt for something submissive (i.e., a small-framed, but tight-bodied Asian) and the next night find myself in a leather sling getting hammered by a tall, muscular, daddy-type with a trimmed hairy body and hung 8.5.  I’m really all over the board with what turns me on.  I do think that based on my body and height, a lot of guys I meet want to be topped.  Personally, what turns me on is servicing the person I’m with.  Big into oral here. Huge turn on.


A FLOOD of emails confirmed to me that 15mm was recently mentioned on The Howard Stern Show on SiriusXM. I don’t know in what form or function, but if I can get an audio clip of it, I’ll post it up.  Thanks to the many hawk-eared listeners of Stern for the heads up.  Based on what I was told, it seems that Robin (Quivers), Stern’s sidekick, mentioned one of my blind items in regards to the upcoming POTUS election 2012.  Interesante.

Spending this week in South Florida and next week am headed back to Europe.  Afterwards, I go directly back to the States (Orlando) to enjoy my yearly visit to Universal Studios Halloween event.  It’s been a really packed summer of travel, so I’m taking this Fall to wind things down a bit, stay closer to home and plan some personal time away (looking into the new Banyan Tree Mayakoba resort outside of Cancun).  If anyone has any suggestions for places to visit, I’m all ears.  Feel free to drop me an email.


So, what’s the deal with escorts who retire, come back, retire again and then keep coming back like bad episodes of MTV reality shows? No matter what the excuse, I’m of the opinion that when you retire, you stay retired- Especially if you’re someone who might have his health to consider, as well as the health of others.  Before hiring anyone, ask yourself how much risk you’re willing to take in the quest to achieve orgasm.  Just because the package looks good, doesn’t mean the contents within are healthy.  You can delude yourself into thinking that using a condom is keeping you safe, but it’s just a thin barrier that can break at any time.  Wouldn’t you be even more safe knowing beforehand if your sex partner was HIV+ or not?  Shouldn’t you ask these kinds of questions up-front and, more importantly, expect an honest answer?  You most certainly would and should.  Think with your brain kids. One bad decision can affect your life forever.

And as long as we’re discussing somewhat controversial subjects, let me publicly say that any escort who’s doing things right, not alienating his client base and thinking on his feet should be having no problem garnering business in this economy.  I’m sick to death of hearing (or reading about) ‘the economy’ being blamed on everyone’s inability to just get the job done.  Across the internet, I read about ‘no one is hiring’ and how ‘previous tours of cities aren’t garnering the same results they once had.’  Let me make something clear:  Building a business model around just an hourly clientele is not only irresponsible, but doomed for future failure.  In my 8+ years in this industry, I have continued to be successful thanks to many things, but most of all, creating a business model for myself that is based on longterm travel and building real relationships.

In a bad economy, a good company doesn’t devalue themselves to cater to the lowest common denominator.  Instead, they stand strong, continue to offer stellar service and weather the storm as best they can.  Watering the product down is never good, as the public view of that product is then tainted and never seen the same way again.   The same can be said for a good escort- Don’t devalue yourself!  Know your market.  Make positive changes now that will help you as the economy picks up later.

Above all, invest wisely, look into independent medical insurance and do things to lengthen your ability to escort, not shorten it (i.e., eat right, limit UV exposure, don’t smoke/drug, etc).  You might look at this as a ‘fringe’ job that’s just a way to make quick bucks, but if played the right way, this is a major business opportunity with the potential to allow for a fantastic life and future security.  It’s all in how you approach it.  I’ve kept myself healthy, happy and sane following some pretty simple guidelines.

Before I’m dubbed the ‘Suze Orman of Escorts,’ I’m going to wrap things up and thank my readers for staying tuned.  While 15mm has changed quite a bit over the years, I am proud to say that it’s been a constant force on the web and something I’m quite proud of.  Most others in my profession can’t seem keep a blog going for six months.  I’ve produced 15mm for nearly eight years…  That’s a standard that few can match these days.  With Twitter and other forms of ‘small blog’ writing taking center stage, I often wonder how much longer I should keep this site going.  Until the ‘next big thing’ crosses my desk, I think I’m quite comfortable here and now.  If that happens to change, you guys will be the first to know.





Be safe.  Be well,