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August 2011


In lieu of a full post today, I think I’ll just post some summer fun pics of my muscle progress and this new ultra-Nordic hair color I’m rocking.  Yep, back to blond (bleached out) and so far, the compliments have been constant.  I forget that a natural ginger can easily go blond thanks to already having blond eyebrows.  It works in my favor and thankfully with it being summertime, those who like that all-American surfer look are definitely getting their fill with me.  I’m also posting everything new on my permanent Google gallery.

Just spent a couple of days on the West coast, headed to the East coast this weekend and by the end of the month will be somewhere in Italy.  Finally made my plans to get back to Amamgiri in Utah next month and am looking very much forward to it.  Look for more of my travels on the photoblog, as well as a constant stream of Q&A on the Formspring site. Enjoy!