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February 2011

In response to:

Dear Mason Wyler,

I’ll keep this short because I fear you don’t have the attention span or the common sense to actually absorb any of what I’m about to say.  To make the decision to go into bareback, HIV+ porn only proves what myself and the rest of your detractors have been saying since you put yourself on the HIV holy cross some months ago:  You’re a fame-whore at the very lowest level who’s willing to do anything and anyone to stay in the spotlight…  A self-destructive, infected fool who has not only ruined himself, but many others with the life-altering lie that you were ‘clean’ while trolling sites like Manhunt and Adam4Adam for hookup bareback sex.  How you incurred the sympathies of anyone on the internet is beyond me.  You are what is wrong with the gay community.  A danger.  A dark spot.  And now…  A statistic.

HIV is not a manageable disease.  That’s a fact.  May you someday find some knowledge and clarity regarding the very deadly disease you carry now.  Your level of responsibility is staggeringly, through not surprisingly, low.  Much like any sex worker who hides his status, working and infecting others due to his greed, you are in my eyes more worthless than any televangelist or political bigot because you CHOOSE to do this openly within your own community.  It’s just another form of gay on gay violence. What’s even worse is that there are those out there who still support you, cheer you on and admire the choices you’re making.  It’s kamikaze.

I refuse to wish you unwell, as I’ve had close friends die from AIDS, but simply wish you nothing at all.  Not a damn thing.