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February 2011

A little hotel room photo fun never hurt anyone  *wink*

Just a quick update on the state of affairs in the life of Benjamin Nicholas…

– I am looking very much forward to it being a concert kind of springtime for me, with Adele, Scissor Sisters and Kylie Minogue on my agenda already.  I’m probably going to add Bon Jovi to that list as well, but haven’t pulled the trigger on those tix yet.

– My cat broke his tail and is wrapped up like a mummy right now.  I thought of putting a snapshot of this on my photoblog, but he threatened to kill me while I slept, so no dice.

– Travels over the next month include London, Australia and, naturally, Key West.  Sorry to say that all are booked solid.  Not taking any independent clientele.

– As an investigative piece for a future edition of 15mm, I’m finding that there are MANY ‘name’ escorts out there who might say they play safe, but on sites like Adam4Adam and Manhunt they openly bareback.  Do you know what your escort is bringing into the bedroom?  That’s a question I’d ask immediately.  Funny how some of these guys take such risks if you happen to have a picture that entices them.  How incredibly risky for people who are in the business of keeping their clients safe.  Perhaps it’s time we start asking just how responsible someone is on their off-time and more importantly, when was the last time they were tested for STDs.

– I’m cut down to 7% body fat and it feels awesome.  Eating right, working out and getting ready for a very shirtless, speedo-clad spring/summer.  I can’t wait.

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