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January 2011

A new year, a new you? Are you one of those people who makes a resolution all in the eventual instance of dashing it aside come March…  Someone who doesn’t realize how much work true change takes.  As was famously said, ‘familiarity breeds contempt,’ and to me that means as a human being we’re always a beta-version of our final selves.  It’s continual upgrading, improvement and self-awareness.  Personally, what I wanted in my 20’s and what I’m wanting now as a 30 year old are two very different things.  My goals after college at 22 were as follows:

* Make lots of money

* Ride in a private jet

* See the world

* Repeat

Well, I’ve done all of those things.  A selfish list, yes, but hey, I was 20. Cut me some slack.  Looking back on the last 10 years of my life, I’ve had an incredible amount of fun thanks to a fantastic group of people.  What do the next 10 years bring?  For me, a change in outlook.  With age comes a little more knowledge:  Knowing you cannot please everyone no matter how hard you try, knowing there are people and things in life that aren’t worth your trouble, etc.  My need to argue a point in a public forum is zero, as I’ve created my life just the way I want it, without the need to perform like a circus animal for people who aren’t worth my time.  A secret to life, I’ve found, is to truly pick your battles.  This new year also brings a renewed want to act as activist in my industry and continue exposing hypocrisy, outright lies and those who continue to secretly work as HIV+ escorts without telling their clientele.  If internet clearinghouses of this business refuse to ask the tough questions, I think it’s high time someone does.  From the looks of things, those who have the most to hide are in bed- quite publicly- with those running parts of the show.

So, I keep getting emails from people about doing an updated ‘My Stuff’ section, ala Vanity Fair’s popular monthly column.  Those who know me know that I change things in my life on a whim, so this kind of list could change on a daily basis.  In any event, without further ado, I present to you the 2011 BN-approved edition of ‘My Stuff.’

Where Do You Live San Antonio, Texas (but travel 300k+ miles a year)

Favorite Art Haring, Degas, Basquiat

Coffee Maker Which one? I’ve got a Nespresso Le Cube, a Breville K-Cup machine and a trusty old Cuisinart brew and sip.

Stationery In the process of having it redone at Cartier.  Made the mistake of going to years ago (thanks for the correction Dan!)

Computer MacBook Pro 15″ i7

Pets Two dogs and a cat

Favorite Flower Carnation

Favorite Gadget My Clearwire 4G hotspot

Favorite Neighborhood Eatery Ollie’s Noodle Shop (68th/Broadway, Manhattan)

Favorite Drink Gin and tonic (Sapphire if ya got it)

Favorite Snack Costco trail mix

Favorite Ingredient Extra virgin olive oil.  Ridiculously tasty.

Who Inspires You Creatives, lifelong thinkers and social outcasts

Necessary Extravagance Housekeeping, weekly pedicures, private gym membership

Favorite Place My home…  My bed… Watching my Roku.

Favorite Movies Big Business, Black Swan, Dreams

Favorite Hotel Raffles Singapore, Encore Las Vegas, any Mandarin Oriental

Moisturizer ReVive

Shampoo Ojon, Fekkai

Cologne Jo Malone, Fresh

Toothpaste Marvis

Soap Dr. Bronner, L’Occitane

Jeans Diesel, Junya Watanabe for Levi

Underwear Hanro, Diesel, Abercrombie & Fitch, D&G

Sneakers New Balance, Vibram Five Fingers

T-Shirt James Perse (best cashmere blends out there)

Happy 2011 readers!  Here’s wishing you a productive, happy and healthy new year.  Until we meet again,