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November 2010

No, Larry Flynt didn’t have me killed. He tried, but I heard him coming (squeaky wheel) and bolted.  I’m sending him a bottle of WD40 for his next attempt.

The silence was due to a rather nasty case of strep throat, something I haven’t had since I was a kid.  It put me down for about two weeks and, now, almost 10 lbs thinner, I’m back on track.  At my current weight, I feel a little too ‘twink’ for my own good and should have my lost muscle back in about a month.  Not going to push it too hard yet, but am back in the gym daily.

Thin is in dammit!

My bodyfat is now down to 7% and while nice to look at in the mirror while jacking off, it’s not a good idea to be that low.

Upcoming travels take me back to the isle of Key West, San Diego, London and Tangier (Morocco).  In the next day, I’ll resume posting on the Eye Candy twitter feed, as well as make bi-weekly postings here on 15mm.

… And for being so darned patient with me, here’s a preview from a recent photoshoot:  First time in a harness and leather (well, in pictures at least).  I’m a big fan of gear:  Nothing too extreme, but a very sexy shoot for those of you who are into rubber, spandex and  leather.  Just goes to show that anyone can pull off a new look  if they’ve got the right attitude.