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November 2010

From the sun-drenched depths of Southern Florida, I’m composing the next edition of 15mm… But damned if it isn’t tough staying focused when you’re dressed like this all day.

Keeping it crystal-clear to my readers, I’ve been killing it in the gym since recovering back from an insane case of strep throat:  What you see above is a little weight loss, some additional lean muscle and the hell of not eating after 8pm (although, I’d be bullshitting if I didn’t say I cheat now and then).  I’ve always liked being that guy who can peel off his shirt in public and know he’s got the muscle to back it up.  That, unfortunately, takes some  hard work.  I’m here to tell you that there’s no magic pill.  You just gotta sweat everyday.  No excuses.

… Staying tuned is appreciated,