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October 2010

… And the bullshit thickens up once again

Dearest Larry Flynt: Why-oh-why do you continue to pop up in the media, salivating on about this bounty and never actually delivering the goods?  … Oh, that’s right, it’s because you’ve been inconsequential since Woody Harrelson made you look somewhat charming in a film.  Boy, was THAT a performance.

My experience with you runs deep, doesn’t it?  Getting private emails from your office during my Trent Lott ‘involvement’, pushing me to lie about the Senator while using that one million dollar reward as a chew toy, thinking I’d abandon good reasoning and go right for the cash.  You were wrong.  You got a giant fuck-off from me, a story that died on the vine thanks to lack of evidence and now, you’re still whoring out this idea without ever really having come forward with anything concrete.  I look forward to your attempt to provide a shred of credibility to your claim on this new ‘gay senator.’  I’m sure there’s someone out there who could be lured by (and lie for) the thought of $1 million.  Luckily, that person wasn’t and isn’t me.

You’re not the boy who cried wolf…  You’re just the boy who kept crying, even when no one listens.   BN