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September 2010


My goal over the past few weeks has been to really kill it in the gym. Basically, it’s summertime, I’ve been traveling to places where Speedo-cut swimwear is prevalent and I want to look my best.  It’s funny how much more lean and defined you get when you simply cut down on carbs.  Sad, but true.  Al Qaeda’s harmless.  Pasta is your enemy.

The summer, so far, has taken me to Paris, London, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, the Seychelles, New Orleans, Key West, Philadelphia, Mexico City and Montreal.  Upcoming stops over the next month include Tokyo and Dubai.  It’s been a lot of travel, but it’s all been fantastic and after 7 years in this industry, I still feel like I’m at my prime.  Life is good.

I plan on writing more snippet-like blogs, keeping track of my daily doings rather than posting infrequently (and having these massive things to read).  The eye candy will remain as always.  While my days at home are as domestic as it gets (gym, tan, laundry, dogs), I’m sure on-the-road musings will make up for that.


Right now, my life consists of supplementing (creatine, vasodialator, protein, CLA), repacking from my last trip and continuing to collect the most massive closet full of tank tops known to man.  I’ve adopted wife-beaters as my new summer look.  They’re simple, sexy, snug and if you mess them up too much, you can just throw them out.  I’m finding that as I get older, I am finding more sexual pleasure in gear and how it’s worn (leather, rubber, spandex, neoprene).  Often times for me, it’s not sexy seeing someone totally naked, but just barely covered with the right piece of clothing.  It’s what you DON’T see that’s such a turn on.

This week I’ll be down in Key West, enjoying the no shirt-no shoes lifestyle that is the little island and doing my best to work on my tan lines.  I don’t think there will be many guys down there this time of year, but that’s pretty much the way I prefer it…

Updated eye candy must be posted soon…  I’m overflowing with cock.

Adios (for now),