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September 2010

Ah, the good ol’ days… When only a few escort pioneers ventured out into the world of blogging, charting their travels and sharing some stories with any number of haphazard visitors to his page.  When I started chronicling my life back in 2003, I never knew it would turn into something so widely read, as well as something that would become synonymous with who I am as a working guy.  Quite suddenly, I had an audience- a very expecting audience- of people who followed my every move, commented on it in various forums and, without ever meeting me, found it acceptable to form a complete opinion of who I was based on a web presence.  Creating 15mm has created advantages for me over time, but ultimately, learning lessons from being thrust into a spotlight will serve me well much longer than the lifespan of these entries.  Perhaps it was growing up by the seat of my pants, experiencing a double-dose of life that no university could ever really teach.  I suppose it all contributed to the ultimate goal of becoming a better, more well-rounded guy.  While I didn’t always like the person I was when I was younger, I’m beginning to enjoy the adult I am now.

My advice to other working guys out there:  Simply be happy. Enjoy your life.  There will never be another time in your young, beautiful existence that you can have your cake and eat it too.  Treat those around you with kindness and respect.  Speak your mind if you feel you’re entitled.  Don’t let anyone make you feel less than what you are.

What I see many times within this community is the attempt to glorify someone new or interesting, but then take great joy in ripping them to shreds when the ‘group’ is bored with them later on.  Sure, it’s nothing new and happens in every image-based industry out there, but remember it’s how you deal with the downward spiral that determines your future.  As being someone who’s been there and come out the other side relatively unscathed, I can say that figuring out who your true friends/clients are and who’s just there for passing fancy is a very important thing.  Once I realized that most of my detractors were people who could never afford my time, cyber-stalkers or just entirely too wrapped up in their online lives, I liberated myself from really giving a shit anymore.  I felt free to walk away from the message boards that I thought I once needed.  When I saw that my reviews really spoke for themselves, I then knew I didn’t need to perform anymore for a group of cyber-trolls.  I could pick my battles more carefully without having to remain in the trenches.  Ah, sweet victory.

I promised you some insight into my gym routine last post and here’s the scoop.  I do supplement, as well as attempt to eat ‘clean’ (cut down on carbs, no carbonated drinks, reduce sugars, lean proteins, gallon of water a day).  I’m a non-smoker, have never tried or wanted to try drugs and usually get about 7-8 hours of sleep a night.  I rarely drink alcohol.  It’s not so much a drastic adjustment for me to live this way, but a lifestyle choice:  I’m just happier as a healthy person.  I had briefly considered doing a cycle of steroid (winstrol) to cut-up and define even more so, but the thought of sticking myself with a needle and dealing with side-effects was just too much for me.  Sure, I could have immediately gained about 5-10lbs of dry muscle and really shredded a six-pack stomach, but it’s a false way to make progress.  That, and, a back full of acne, turning into a raging asshole and a jello-like liver made it a no-brainer.

What I’m supplementing with…

Creatine/Vasodilator powder- Jacked. Three scoops for me before and after a workout gives me stamina, fantastic energy and a muscular pump that lasts all day.  I’d recommend a 4 week ON cycle, 1 week OFF.

Vasodilator pills- Nitrix. When I’m cycling off Jacked, I use 3-4 of these pills (pre-workout) for a nice pumped feeling, as well as better blood delivery to repair your muscle post-workout.

Protein shake- Muscle Milk LIGHT or Isopure. Muscle Milk LIGHT is lower in calories and sugar than the original and can easily be found in ready-to-drink bulk portions at Costco.  I prefer Isopure in the long run, as it contains zero carbs/sugar/calories and has a whopping 50 grams of protein per bottle.  Simply put:  Protein is the building block of gaining muscle.  You need lots of it.

Weight loss stack- Animal Cuts. This supplement comes pre-packaged, with about 6 pills total.  It’s a combo thermogenic/diuretic formula that keeps you burning calories while gently flushing any extra ‘bloat’ out of your body and muscle.  I recommend starting with two packs a day (morning/late afternoon) and always taking them with a little something in your stomach.

That’s about it folks. This, combined with 4-5x a week in the gym, will produce results.  The thing I find that happens with me most is simple boredom…  The same weight/cardio routine gets a little beige after awhile.  When this happens, I usually just mix things up with some Bikram yoga, a boot camp class or find a gym that changes environment for me while providing new challenges.  Fitness isn’t just a once-a-year resolution:  It’s a commitment to a whole new lifestyle.

Just finished Patti LuPone’s memoir and it was fantastic.  If you’re a fan of the stage, LuPone herself or simply want to hear some great dish from Broadway’s history, this is a fast, but fun read.  I give her points for being perhaps the only actor alive to compliment working with Mandy Patinkin (who’s famous for being an asshole), calling out her co-star Topol for being a sexual deviant backstage and publically serving Andrew Llyod Weber a heaping plate of fuck-you for his role in the whole Sunset Blvd debacle.  Go forth and read.

I’m spending this week in secretive seclusion, enjoying some on-my-own time in a favorite little spot far, far from urban Skid Row.  I’ll likely photoblog a bit and brandish some sarcasm on Twitter, but not planning on doing much on the web other than periodically checking email.  All calls are routing to voicemail.  I’ll be in touch if it’s an emergency.

Adios for now dear readers,