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August 2010

The migration of 15mm to a new server is complete!

I can finally post new editions and get things back into gear- Keep an eye out for some re-design of this blog, thanks to being on new servers, away from FTP posting on and a slew of other neato upgrades.  I’m really excited to get back to writing and appreciate anyone who’s stuck around to continue the journey.  Do keep in mind that my travel PHOTOBLOG and TWITTER feeds are still being updated daily, continuing to prove that the Irish heritage in me really does lend itself well to being a complete smartass.  My MySpace page has been deleted, since it’s clear that no one really uses it anymore and the button will be wiped out with the incoming new design.  I’m likely going to clear out the twitter feed as well (relocate it to my main website) and find a new real-time message posting system (any suggestions?).  For the time being, the biggest change here and now is adding the ability to comment on every post I’ve ever made.  If something I say strikes you- good, bad or indifferent- let me know.  I like feedback.

… And just in case some of you haven’t been keeping up with the photoblog, scroll to the bottom of this post for some updated self-pics.  Yes, they’re mostly not clothed.  It is summertime after all.  *wink*

Be swell to each other.  Thanks for staying tuned, as always