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March 2010

15 Minutes… And Benjamin Nicholas… will be on holiday through 4/10/2010. A new edition will be worked on while in Asia and uploaded when I’m back in the States, but do keep an eye on my continually updated TWITTER feed, as well as the Photoblog. I should be keeping up on those daily, as long as everything remains copacetic between me, my wireless company and my device. We’ll see.

Email return will temporarily be slowed to a US Post Office-like operation, but rest assure that if I can snag a quick wifi connection while in port, I’ll be replying with cat-like speed and reflex. Those of you who have access to my personal email addresses, I’ve been told that communication should be no problemo. Email away! I’ll get them (on Asian time) and respond as soon as I can.

Thanks much folks for your patience. Until next time,