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February 2010

I’m on the road to writing a new edition of 15mm, but for now am posting up some video of yours truly, as well as some new pics below. Look for a ‘favorite things’ list (ala, Vanity Fair magazine) of mine in the next posting that details some of my workout supplements, skincare, etc. You ask- I provide.

This week I’m enjoying the shirtless/barefoot lifestyle that is Key West and then onto New Orleans for a couple of insanity days at Mardi Gras… New York later in the month and then gearing up for an Atlantis cruise from Hong Kong. While I’m thankful for the continued full schedule, it’s ambitious to say the least. Such is my (great) life. You get what you give- You give what you get. In addition, don’t forget to bookmark my Twitter page, as well as my constantly updated travel/photoblog, both linked on the left-hand menu. There’s a lot of crazy crap in this world and I simply attempt to photo-chronicle as much of it as possible.

I’m sure to get a decent amount of heat over some of these new pics: Anonymous guys who have nothing better to do than tear people down from their lifeless cubicles. Luckily, I’m quite happy with how my ‘look’ is progressing… And based on having a schedule that’s currently full at nearly three months in advance, it seems that there are many others out there who are as well.

To other guys out there in this industry, know that the best defense is to simply walk away from those who drag you down and win-out by doing well. Very well. It makes the success that much sweeter.