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October 2009

I’ve got my laptop back from the Doc and everything looks good: I’m planning on getting the new edition of 15mm up as soon as I am homeward bound. For now, here’s wishing everyone a happy, and safe, Halloween. As you can tell from today’s snapshot above, I’m going anywhere on Hallows Eve that allows me this level of public nudity… Clothing is highly overrated.

As always, your patience in this laptop fix is appreciated. In the meantime, why not waste a tick-tock browsing the blog archives, checking in on me through Twitter or on the continually-updated photoblog. Also, I’m planning on uploading some new video onto the YouTube site as well.

And for those paying attention, that IS an iPhone in the pic. I’ve haven’t totally crossed over to the darkside and am still keeping my Blackberry Bold: This is what happens when you get bored one day and happen to be in front of AT&T; Wireless.

Adios amigos,