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September 2009

Drat! I dropped my laptop coming back from Tokyo and am now using a craptactular Compaq as a temporary (thankfully, my trusty Dell can be repaired). This thing runs slower than Nancy Pelosi’s pulse…

Sad to say, the Dell also had my new edition of 15mm on it. When I get it back from repair in about a week, look for the update: As always, your patience is appreciated. In the meantime, why not click on the left-menu of BN-offerings to keep up with various twittering, photo-blogging and pics? It might not pass time for the entire week, but should waste perhaps 30-45 minutes of your day.

UPDATE: It’s nice to see that even the many BN-haters out there are still checking onto my many websites day-to-day. It fills me with that warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that even those who proclaim loudest to despise me, secretly can’t help themselves. How ironically great is that?

For more vids of BN, click HERE to head to his YouTube site.