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August 2009

Hear ye, Hear ye…

I’m finally dipping my foot into the world of moving imagery and have opened a sitepage on YouTube. Sorta interesting stuff (well, it will be) and look for more content to upload on a regular basis. Click on the image below to be taken to the new page and in the future, look for this button to have a permanent home on the left-hand menu.

Look for a new edition of 15mm once I get back into the states (I’m abroad… But not a broad), which shouldn’t be more than a few days. I’ve got the weekend to myself and then headed back into the airports on Monday morning. The following week will see me mostly flip-flopped and shirtless on the streets of Key West: Exactly the way any good freshwater or conch would live his life on such an island. *wink*

Expect new pics on the Google Gallery from my travels, both around the UK and through Key West. I hope to post some video of my time in the Keys as well.

Adios amigos,