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March 2009


I’m late, I’m late… Over a month since the last entry and for that I should be flogged with the ratty, old extensions of Britney Spears: The combination of Kool’s menthol second-hand smoke and spilled Bartles & James wine coolers have encrusted the hair into a makeshift paddle, making it easy and fun to dole out some S&M.;

Here’s what I’m working on for the next edition of 15mm…

* Some recent Broadway experiences: Shrek The Musical and the much-anticipated revival of West Side Story at The Palace. Also had a chance to catch the National Tour of Legally Blonde in Memphis. Details to follow.

* Travels to London (including loads of across-the-pond exploits) and an upcoming sojourn to St Lucia. While Aussiebum didn’t exactly pay for the promo they’re gonna get, expect some major pics of their new season’s under gear.

* My visit to The Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart.

* News on a BN-centric article hitting a major newspaper soon

* Ripping Trump Chicago a new asshole: WORST HOTEL EVER…

* Rentboy news, gossip and blind-items galore.

But first and foremost, I’m getting a double-dose of Eye Candy up and at’em. Enjoy!

Also going VIP for the Britney Spears show in Houston later this month and plan on getting the backstage scoop as to what all the hoo-ha is about (yes, that’s a technical term). I’m equally as excited about seeing a couple of Fleetwood Mac stops on their current tour and am pondering a leap across the water to see if Michael Jackson can pull off his dates at the 02 in London. Lots of shit to see and so little time…

That’s not even to mention the insanity I expect seeing Patti Lupone and Mandy Patinkin in concert when they roll into San Antonio in early April. Between her penchant for yelling at audience members and Patinkin’s history of slapping his co-stars, this evening of song may quickly turn into a lost episode of The Montel Williams Show. I can’t wait.

Until I get the next edition up, enjoy this link, courtesy of writer and fabulous former call-girl Tracy Quan. She interviewed me for a piece on The Daily Beast and I think it turned out pretty swell: