Working on my ‘serious face’ for once…

While working on a new edition of 15mm, it was emailed to me that I’ve again been nominated for a Cybersocket award…

15mm for ‘Best Celeb Gossip’ blog

Interesting, considering I’ve gotten away from the more salacious stuff, but I’ll take it anyway and thank them for the consideration. Further congrats go out to Damon Kruezer and Brandon Baker, both taking nominations (and, likely, the award). They consistently produce great web material and keep their readers engaged, enlightened and just plain aroused…

As always, keep an eye out for a round of Eye Candy, followed by a full posting. In the meantime, you can always keep up with where I’ve been and what I’m doing on both my TWITTER site and BN PHOTOBLOG.

In my next edition of 15mm, look for an in-depth report on Noah Driver, one of the hottest guys to hit the escorting world in quite some time and a 19 year-old stud currently featured on RandyBlue, Falcon and Lucas Films. Let’s all salivate together…

He’s so hot in fact, that it motivated me to write my first (and only) review of an escort on Daddy’s Reviews. You can find it through Noah’s site, linked above. You can be sure you’ll see a lot more of this hot surferboy in the very near future.

And just as a quick quip before fully blathering on about it in the upcoming edition, am I the only gay out there who isn’t up-in-arms over the Prop 8 decision?

Boycotts? Marches? ‘A Day Without A Gay?’ Go-go boys going pro-bono for the cause? Who the fuck are we kidding… We live in a democracy folks and the people made their intention clear: Case closed. At just over 10% of the total population, the GLBT community doesn’t have the financial firepower or the mass clout to win this fight. Not yet. I’m all for equal rights (and forgetting this ‘separate, but equal’ bullshit’), but wasting energy on boycotting companies and no-showing to work is a chestnut of the past. This isn’t the ’60s. Time to grow up and fight like adults. Maybe I’m biased since I don’t live in a ‘gayborhood’ and have never felt the need to only live, work and eat amongst my own. Reality means living around and dealing with unsavory things on a daily basis. Kicking and screaming about losing the initial battle isn’t the way to handle this setback.

… And besides, I have a legs day twice a week and any additional marching would totally screw-up my cycle.

Adios amigos. Thanks always for staying tuned in,



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