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August 2008


Dammit Jim, It’s been too long since I’ve written anything.

Writing regularly is akin to being a drug addict (or, so I assume). You’ve got to do it on a regular basis to keep up with the high, but not so much that you end up killing yourself or hitting whatever your ‘rock bottom’ is. It’s a delicate balance really, but something you can’t force. When that happens, you end up with blog postings about belly button lint or somesuch nonsense, killing your audience in the process and basically just embalming early. My delay in posting comes solely from lack of time, not that there’s any lack of life for material.

In looking back through my blogs, it’s evident that my style has changed concurrently with the amount of success I’ve found in the escort industry. While I’m not sure how I feel about that in hindsight, it has been an interesting arc, a fun lifestyle and, most importantly, years of my life spent with some outstanding individuals. At the ripe age of my elder 20’s, I can safely say that this has been anything but work and the perfect existence for anyone who can handle it responsibly.

Why is this suddenly sounding like a euology? I sometimes wonder what the borderline in writing is between sincere and braggart. My eternal inner question to myself is ‘do I try too hard to come across a certain way or does my natural cadence just happen to piss a whole lot of people off?’ I guess that several years of people loving or hating me have taken their toll in a strange, backhanded way. It breeds a constant self-questioning.

In the end, you come to the realization that you can’t please everyone in life and that things always look a little better with a flute of Vueve Clicquot Rose’ in your hand.

The latest from my new muse, Manhattan…

I spent my time on the lower East side at Hotel on Rivington, a property I’ve enjoyed staying at since it opened not-too long ago as the first major gentrification project in the neighborhood. LES locals hated to see it happen, fearing the inevitable Trumpification of their block would bastardize one of the few ‘real’ hoods left in New York City, but I’m happy to say that there’s now a nice relationship between the old and budding new. Buildings aren’t just being torn down and turned into Jamba Juices: It actually appears that the city is taking time to make sure the LES remains the run-down idyll it’s always been. That makes me smile.

So, THOR (every trendy hotel must have an acronym) is really the cat’s pajamas and here’s why: It’s an all glass hotel with jaw-dropping views from the high floors, thanks to nearly 360-degree design with anything but personal inhibition in mind. If you’re not an exhibitionist, I’d look into something on the 15-19th floors. Anything lower and you’re going to be taking a very public (and somewhat kinky) shower with Economy Candy customers across the street. In-room products by REN of London, steam showers, a wild bathroom color palette, tempurpedic mattresses and a great staff make this one of the best bets if you’re willing to part with some cash. Average rate: $650/night. Welcome to NYC.

Highlights of the LES hood: Sweet-Sugar-Sunshine is down the street and serves up a mean plate of cupcakes, Economy Candy is right across the street and there’s an insanely diverse selection of clothing stores, Thai food and general tomfoolery to be found within a 5 block radius. Be warned that the ‘urban hipster’ trend is in full-swing there and often times you see men walking down the street in tighter outfits than their girlfriends.

I only headed uptown for a few shows: Gypsy, Wicked and the new edition of Forbidden Broadway.

Gypsy was in fine form, thanks in-part to all three leads in the show having recently been presented with the Tony award. Patti LuPone, again, was stunning in her portrayal of Mama Rose and brought the show to a dead stop with ‘Roses Turn.’ Immediate standing ovation. After now seeing this production 5 times, I’m still in awe that she gives this performance eight times a week and has only missed one performance since the first preview. Incredible.

While I’m not the biggest fan of the girl-power musical Wicked, I did want to see how Kerry Ellis (who came over from London’s West End) was doing as the lead. She only had about a week’s worth of performances under her belt, but since I had seen her several times in the London cast, I knew she’d knock it out of the ballpark.

She sounded a little hoarse, but got through the show just fine. Her notes were all there, but her speaking voice was rough around the edges. I didn’t like that she pulled out an American accent for the role here, but overall she was captivating. Downside to seeing this show is having to put up with all of the screaming girls who confuse a Broadway show with a Hannah Montana concert: If I acted like that at the theatre when I was a kid, my mom would have beaten me with the Playbill or perhaps, if handy, an usher’s flashlight.

What’s worse are the insipid who think it’s kosher to text message through a show, not thinking that anyone could possibly be bothered by their constant keyboard tapping.

With only a couple of performances under their belt, I also caught the new edition/cast of Forbidden Broadway at the 47th Street Theatre. A mixed-bag of talent along with some really old material left in the show left me bored. If you’ve seen the show before, you’re not missing much thie time around. The highlight was a spot-on impression of Patti LuPone from this season’s Gypsy and a brilliantly sung send-up of Kristen Chenoweth’s ‘Glitter and Be Gay’ from Candide. Sure, there’s some real talent on that stage, but most of it is being wasted on stuff that made FB funny 15 years ago. I’d only recommend this one if you can find it el cheapo at TKTS.

Meals at Schillers, Totonnos, La Esquina, Buddahkahn and Del Posto. Luckily, snagging some cardio time at David Barton kept me from a caloric coma and I came back from holiday a few pounds lighter. Who says bulimia is a bad thing?

While i was enjoying a Sunday brunch at Sarabeth’s (get the Popeye Eggs), I was reading a story in the Post about the US denying visas to visitors who are openly HIV positive. This prompted the botoxed forehead of John Kerry to perk up and speak out against this ‘vile form of discrimination.’ He vowed to do his best to keep this policy from continuing… As well as locking his buzzkiller wife in an isolation chamber until the election year is over.

So, after reading this and enjoying another stiff triple-cappuccino, I began playing Devil’s Advocate: The summertime being, traditionally, a time when all gay pride events take place, it put me into a mood that was a little less than forgiving of the gay community’s many sins.

First off, getting into the states as a foreigner isn’t always an easy thing. Thanks to a little internet research, it’s evident that we don’t let a whole lot of people pass through without asking them to jump through some hoops. Hell, the USA discriminates against those who are poor, routinely denying Visas for simply not having the means to get back to where they came from. All of this process is in place to not only keep the USA safe, but to continually stabilize our population with the variety of melting pot culture we’re accustomed to. Sure, we’re a country founded on immigration, but keep in mind that it was highly controlled and by legal means.

Think about it: Is allowing someone into our country with a debilitating, communicable disease a good thing? Would we put up the same anti-discriminatory argument if it was someone with Bird Flu or Polio? Are we giving HIV a hall-pass because slick pharmacological advertising has brainwashed us into thinking it’s now a manageable lifestyle?

Believe what you’d like, but HIV is not manageable. It’s not as easy as the ads in the pages of The Advocate would have you believe: One simple pill a day and life is back to normal. That’s pie-in-the-sky bullshit and if you think for a second that people aren’t still dying on a daily basis thanks to complications from HIV and AIDS, you’re as dilluted as dishwater. A total cure is light years from being found and a vaccine for the existing uninfected is at least 25 years away from realization (or so says the Bill Gates Foundation).

So, with that in front of me, I say keep them out. Why do we need to take even greater risk as Americans, all in the name of ‘equality.’ This isn’t about equality. It’s about grandiose, radical-PCism from people who have no real grasp on reality or self-preservation. You might call it cold-hearted, but when push comes to shove, a survivalist mentality isn’t a bad thing.

This also brings me to remind my readers that no matter how muscular, how beautiful or how young that guy may be, always assume he’s HIV-positive. With infection rates again on the rise, taking 30 seconds to roll on a condom is more important than ever. In seeing a few former escorts make a quick re-appearance into the industry, I question their motives, as well as their health status. Always be aware and think backwards, connecting the dots, as far as memory will serve.

Got an email from a colleague regarding some of the various ‘pool party’ events that are happening this summer and if I’m planning on attending or being seen at them. It popped out of my mouth a little too quickly: ‘Are you fucking kidding me?’

I guess with some life experience under my belt, a near-national political quasi-scandal and having had time to grow up a whole lot, I’m not all that thrilled with the thought of being in the center of the spotlight anymore. The fringe is just fine for me, thanks. It allows me to do what I do best, all while having the freedom to come and go as I please. Besides, go-go dancing on a wooden box, unflattering pool-party pictures and washed up dance divas just aren’t something my circle would appreciate.

And FYI: I prefer my go-go box to be of the clear lucite, Kartell variety. Who says you can’t be nearly naked and stylish at the same time?

Upcoming stop for me include: Toronto, New York City, Buenos Aires, Calgary, London, Las Vegas and Chicago. If you’re keeping an eye on my booking schedule, it’s looking like I’m full-up through the end of October at this point…

Until it’s that time again, you can always keep an eye on Twitter, as well as check for new info, pics and posts on my MySpace and GoogleGallery sites. Enjoy!

Eye Candy makes an re-appearance next week:)