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January 2008

Lean on Me…

I’m killing myself in this latest cutting cycle. Now I know how Valerie Bertinelli feels, but without the hefty Weight Watchers contract and occasional sideline trips to Brazil for ‘rest and relaxation.’ Uh-huh. You don’t get bruising on your ass from laying out on Copacabana Beach… That’s only happens at Pointe 202.

I’m down 5lbs and continuing to cut for another couple of weeks. Then, it’s back to the free-weights hardcore. Letting my hair continue to grow as well. May go in for a trim in the next few days, but just planning on clipping the ends and not getting rid of it. My goal is to eventually get into the Jesus-impersonation business. If turderiffic Joel Osteen can get filthy rich with those horrible chiclet veneers, then I sure as hell can make a buck off my Pantene Pro-V lengthy locks.

The Hair Affair. I can conveniently also be used as a Swifter dust-mop.

I’ve eaten almost no carbs for nearly a week: Senility is now setting in. You know how I know for sure? I’m actually beginning think that Obama might have a chance at beating out Hillary for the nomination. I vote to end this carb-strike soon and get back to watching Clinton kick feminist ass.

If you’re not keeping up with my usual smart-ass roving commentary on Twitter, scroll down to the bottom of this posting, check it out and sign up for realtime BN coverage. Sure, it’s not life-changing sociological enlightenment, but it’s flippant and fun. Who could whine for anything more?

Pics Update: I just added new images to my Google Gallery. Longer hair shots and the like.

A big thanks to Daddys Reviews Website, who’s continuous support of 15mm has extended way back into the Hooboy days. Just this morning they named me one of the top escorts of 2007. How very shagadelic! While it’s always ideal to be appreciated, I wouldn’t be where I am without the fantastic group of guys that I have: You know who you are and you’re the ones who truly enrich my life on a daily basis.

Haven’t seen the news yet? Click through and check it out:

So… Let’s start off 2008 with just the right amount of Eye Candy, tantalizing the taste buds and torturing the ‘good’ seculist in all of us. If you’re hankering for a more major slice of scandalous man meat, why not check out my new favorite spot online for FREE PORN. JustUsBoys. It’s fan-bloody-tastic.