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April 2007

This is Marlowe. He’s my dog. He’s also getting his own MySpace page…

Well, after privately messing around with different formats, I think it’s best if Eye Candy has it’s own bi-monthly posting. I’ve gotten a good deal of email asking where the hell it went (as well as a massive backlog of unused images), so i’m bringing sexy back to 15 Minutes with EC-ONLY postings. Hope you enjoy them.

April’s almost over. Eek. Time really did fly. Travelwise, this month saw me in London, Memphis, New Orleans, Boston, Chicago, Anguilla and Miami. Trip-reporting on all of that would probably just get repetitive and boring, so i’m sticking to London (where the weather actually cooperated and the production of Equus was better-than-expected), Rio (for February’s Carnaval 2007), a longer-term cruise I took mid-last month and a killer trip to Chicago (checked out the new Chicago company of The Color Purple).

I’ve been getting emails regarding a comment that was made publically about the growing length of my hair. For years, it’s always been closely cropped, mo-hawked or just a little longer than a traditional millitary cut. I never got to see my natural color (strawberry-blonde) and figured I might as well grow it out while i’ve still got the color, as i’ve heard that most redheads eventually loose the pigment. Right now, it’s got a cool Beatles-esque shag to it and i plan on letting it get longer.

May God strike me dead if i ever buy a flat-iron, but i’d like my hair to hit just about to my chin: Long enough to push back, but not so long that people get me confused with the androgeynous Calvin Klein models of the ’80s. One thing you will never see on Benjamin is feathered hair or blunt-cut bangs. I’d rather eat broken glass while listening to Barry Manilow.

So anyway, here’s a pic of the ‘do as it stands. Keep in mind, it’s not always done quite this stylishly. I’m only one man, not a miracle worker:

I’ll be adding additional pics to the online gallery tonight as well.