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December 2006

Post-Christmas pic… Back to Kickboxing and Yoga!

I’m writing this quickie-entry to let everyone know that a brand-spanking-new New Year’s 2007 edition of 15 Minutes will be online on 1/2/2007. I’m heading out tomorrow to London for New Year’s Eve and haven’t quite recovered from this past week of food, family and… well, more food.

The pic above is from my snazzy new Sony DSC-N2 (thanks for the tip Brandon Baker!) and you can bet that not only more new pics from my travels will go online soon after, but video uploads on YouTube as well. I’ll be sure to imbed all video into the blog for easy, seamless viewing.

I plan on posting some hot shots of Kylie Minogue’s NYE concert at Wembley Stadium, as well as some vids of the whole shindig. I hear they’re turning the whole floor of the arena into a 3,500 person dance floor.

Now where’s my leisure suit? I’m so psyched for this. I’ve heard Danni Minogue will be guest appearing.

I’ve got to post this up from YouTube (and big thanks to Bob). It’s had me laughing all day:


Keep a lookout next edition for my Christmas in Philly, Cancelled-on-in-Crested Butte, Carnaval in Rio this February, My newfound relationship with American Express and a much needed vacation in Las Vegas (where else?) in the middle of Janruary. Looks like 2006 total mileage on airliners (237k miles and counting) may very well be beaten in 2007. We’ll see. *wink*

Also, the first installment of a ‘Day in the Life’ of a male escort will debut. For those wanting the inside look right-this-very-second, take a glance at this male escort’s VERY entertaining and incredibly well-written blog. I stumbled upon it this past week on the web and am now — ahem — hooked.

Oh yeah, before i forget… Check out the props i recently got from the uber-popular sex/gossip site FLESHBOT: Click here.

Until 2007 dear readers, i bid you adieu and hope your current holiday and upcoming year continues to be the absolute best. Your eyes are always appreciated.

UPDATE 1/3/2007: Happy New Year!

So there i am in London, enjoying the blistering winds and fragrantly wondering why more people don’t wash with Dial on the Tube. A lovely trip, but thanks to a rather nasty sinus attack, i’m post-poning a full post for at least a couple of days. I apologize for the wait, but i feel like crap warmed over and want to make sure i’m at least 90% before i try anything witty. I may hurt myself.

For now, why not take a chat on the boards below (which have suddenly turned into cybersex-central), gander at my archive of pics (recently updated no less) on the left-hand menu above or just do long-division. The 15 will resume shortly with some rather interesting new gossip regarding a particular rentboy who deems it necessary to break SEVERAL additional laws when ploying his trade. Stay tuned.