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November 2006

With teeth like these, ‘Sexual Immorality’ may be the least of his worries…

Yes, my carpet matches my drapes…

This edition of The 15 is going to be a ‘funchtime’ quickie due to two back-to-back international trips for me: Basically, i’m running around like Richard Simmons on a Deal-a-Meal Infomercial, trying to get packed. I do plan on a full-report (and posting) on November 13th.

Note: A big thanks to all of my readers for making this one of the more well-trafficked and most popular blogs in cyberspace. I’m always open to new suggestions, stories and formats, so definitely feel free to email and let me know. Familiarity can sometimes breed contempt.

For the time being, let me highly recommend this week’s whacksite: EdenGay. They update this site with content directly from some of the most popular gay sites on the web (and thanks to CorbinFisher’s new design, i can’t preview much of anything and imagined snogging sessions are all but nixed). Enjoy!

I’m also posting a heavy-duty load of Eye Candy…

To keep busy, why not browse the archives (on the left-hand menu) of past blogs and see what you’ve been missing… Or better yet, what i’ve been missing with my psuedo-soapbox rants against the evil-goodness of pop-culture. I’m also MySpace compliant for those who like to network while looking at half-naked pics of yours truly, so feel free to friend-request me and join the cult… er… fun.