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June 2006

Even God needs entertainment…

Since my last blog I’ve spent some time in Chicago, London and NYC. I’m off for about a week here in sunny San Antonio, enjoying my veg-time and getting through the rigors of putting some color into this new house. It sounds a little strange, but I find that painting a room is mildly therapeutic (and no, it has nothing to do with the fumes). The bedrooms are getting a gray-on-gray treatment, while the living and dining rooms mesh with a steely blue and chocolate brown color-scheme. The kitchen will be accented with some kind of bright, island-like, calypso color. I’m sort of living in the Home Depot paint section these days and slowly working up the nerve to try what is called a ‘paint effect.’

Admittedly, the finished product looks keen, but with about 8 steps involved, my sense of style is seriously compromised by my lack of attention span.


I got bored the other day, so I decided to buzz my hair for the summertime. I’ve gotten good feedback on it from people and am now always being asked if I’m in the Army or Navy (it’s not really that short). It’s a hyper-masculine look indeed, giving added angles to my face and really playing up a strong jaw. Interesting. Easy to take care of. It also comes with the added bonus of making my head feel like some sort of Johnson & Johnson cleaning tool. Very entertaining.

Moi, part deaux

I just snapped some new pics for a fellow blogger that solely (no pun intended) focuses on
guys in flip-flops. Here’s a sneak peek for you foot fetishists out there:

I admit it, I’m hooked on the DVD’s of
American’s Next Top Model. There, I’ve said it. Never before has seeing a gaggle of goofy georgeous gals been so redeeming. Maybe it’s that they always have the perfectly most catty things to say or maybe it’s the fact that judge Janice Dickenson has so much botox in her face that she needs a spit cup nearby, but it damned amusing.

Can someone please hand Janice a mop?

American Apparel, when will you open in Texas? They’re selling the coolest new summer V-neck shirts that scoop really low. A really sexy look on guys and a style that’s just hitting the states from Europe, where it’s been in full-swing for awhile.

The headlines are true! This time around in Chicago I had a chance to head to Steamworks and damn if the boys weren’t out that night. Steamworks just finished remodeling their steam room making it the largest place to steam in the world. It’s MASSIVE. It quite literally is cavernous, with various off-shoot rooms, full showers and lighting effects ALL contained within. It’s a nice addition, as their wet facilities are some of the best I’ve experienced (anywhere, hotel spa or steam bath). Due to the remodel, their room and locker rates went up a little, but it’s still a steal for all that you get there.

The Saturday night I went, the place was packed with all shapes, sizes and types. Albeit, most were on the whiter end of the spectrum (as I hear that Chicago’s Man’s Country is the bath to hit if you’re into latinos/blacks). Age was anywhere from twinky 18 to a spry 80. I will say that most guys I saw roaming the halls were in excellent shape, knew what they were looking for and were pretty intent on getting laid & getting out. Otherwise known as the ‘blow and go.’ LOL.

I ended up hooking up with a couple of late 30s, IML-type of guys, who’s muscularity was beefy and solid, with a nice amount of body hair. Obviously a couple, these guys wore matching cock rings and we ended up keeping things very vanilla by jerking off together. Hot enough scene for me, as I’m not usually one to join in at those types of places. I start to overthink about who the person is and what they might have, so it just ruins the whole thing. KISS: Keep it safe stupid.

I watched a hot gang bang in the communal sling room. This kid (who couldn’t have been more than 20) was getting nailed by a line of guys and by the sounds of it, was loving every second of it. I wish I would have had a video camera and a bullhorn like Ty Pennington. Total porn scene.

Um, when did Ty Pennington get this hot?

I had another couple courting me, but once they got into my room they ended up fighting over what they ‘can and can’t do.’ It ended up making me go soft having to watch these two bicker like two little girls, so I told them to leave. You’d think that if you were going to a bathhouse with your partner for the first time that you’d set the ground rules BEFORE you end up naked with a third guy. *shakes head*

I did notice that most of the guys I saw at Steamworks that night had massive cocks. Plain and simple, there were a lot of well hung guys there. I’m thinking they bused them in from some part of the US that grows em’ big. I also ended up at the gym at SW to get in a few quick sets. The cool thing about Steamworks is that if you’ve got a performance fetish, you can work out naked. I just slapped on a pair of Nikes and hit the weights. It was pretty hot and reminded me that I still want to have sex in a gym someday…

From man-meat to musicals (what a segway!): Caught another showing of ‘Putnam County Spelling Bee’ at Drury Lane Watertower. Fantastic show the second-time around and had the fortune of seeing a few understudies do their take on the roles. Very shagadelic. If you’re in Chitown, I can’t recommend this musical enough.

Silver Spoon Thai
, off Michigan Ave and Rush ROCKS MY WORLD. FYI 😉

London was smashing, with the trip getting off to a rocky start on a really crap-ass Swiss Air flight from ORD-ZRH-LHR. I had been told it was a kick-ass airline, but when push came to shove, their service, seat and experience sucked major donkey balls. I guess when you’re 6’3″ you don’t expect for many airlines to accommodate you on a lie-flat seat, but this was just insane. If Virgin Atlantic, Continental, American and United can do a great business class, then why can’t the Swiss? No wonder they went bankrupt back in the ‘80s.

View from the hotel room onto Knightsbridge below

While shacking up at the
Mandarin, I had the pleasure of bumping into Andre Agassi, The Eagles, Bon Jovi (and entourage) and various other rockers in town for the Download Festival. Ate some of the best meals I’ve ever had in the UK (The Ivy and Nobu), while carting my lazy ass all over Knightsbridge laughing at the insane exchange rate and that the dollar is about on par with using seashells as currency. Thanks President Bush.

A warning to all those reading who either look for paid hookups or earn from paid hookups on CraigsList: You’re being watched.

A good friend of mine in LA who sits on several governmental boards and watchdog groups told me that police departments are zeroing in on this message board to plan setup busts. It’s not just the major cities that are in question, as it’s now happening everywhere in-between. Keep your eyes open kids.

Wifebeaters ROCK!

I’m going through this tank top phase, where I’m wanting to wear nothing but wife beaters. A little strange perhaps? See, they’re cool, they look good and if they get too dirty, you can always strip it off and throw it away. LOL. I’m finding H&M; a good source for really nice-fitting tanks that stand up to repeated washing. They compliment my already huge collection of Hanes Premium tanks nicely. Anyone have any other tank-top buying sites to recommend?

Hairspray the Musical and Avenue Q now closed in Las Vegas. Phantom previewing to ho-hum crowds in a BEAUTIFUL theatre (see here). Spamalot and The Producers making final casting decisions for a fall opening. Bette Midler and Cher fighting it out to see who can snag Celine’s spot when she leaves in 2009 from Caesars. I say you put them into a caged ring and let them squabble to the death. There’d be blood and silicone everywhere by then end of that matchup.

I swagged some of this product from a friend and it’s a great skin care system if you’re wanting something solid for a reasonable price: Patricia Wexler Skincare. Check it out.

After leaving London, I had a chance to head back to NYC for a few days to decompress and get back onto states time. I put a little too much on my plate, as I wanted to do some yoga, while still catching a performance of ‘The Drowsy Chaperone’ and see Rufus Wainwright’s show at Carnegie Hall. Needless to say, it didn’t all work out and gave the picture-perfect seats to Rufus to some cool chick standing in front of Carnegie. She seemed to like that and I figured it would put my karma points back up there. I was, however, sort of glad to get away from there, as the whole event had the aesthetic of a bad gay nightclub. Too much designer clothing on people who couldn’t pull it off and a general sense of bitchiness from various gaggles of gay men who pranced and preened their way into the theater. Not my crowd.

I think it was the sound of ‘Don’t you just LOOOOOVE a redhead’ spoken by a man who sounded like a cross between a drunken Kathleen Turner and Bea Arthur on testosterone as I passed his group that tipped the scales in favor of me going for a slice at Totonos instead. Oy.

Drowsy Chaperone was INCREDIBLE! A musical within a play, this newly written show was robbed of the Best Musical Tony this year. It features a very well-cast Sutton Foster (who, in my book, can do no wrong) and Beth Leavel, who’s comic timing is pitch-perfect. The music is fantastic if you love that old Tin-Pan Alley sound that the Gershwins made so famous. The costumes (and costume changes) were insane. I have never seen outfits quite this in any musical I’ve seen and it must be a well choreographed train wreck backstage to get everyone out there fully dressed. RUN, don’t walk to see this show.

Congrats to Rico and his crew for debuting a new inside industry blog… Kruezer, eat your heart out! He’s already compiled some interesting scoops and here at the 15, we salute his efforts in revealing reality to it’s most full potential. Check it out HERE.

It also seems that the moniker ‘4Aces’ from the HBMC has continued his own blog, chronicling his personal dismantlement of the ES message board. You can find 4A’s blog HERE.

Hot Site of the Moment: Hot guys in Espanol. Check out this blog for a heaping helping of muscular studs in various states of undress. If you’re into bigger, more meaty guy who exude the masculine appeal of an oil rig, this blog is for you. It seems to be updated pretty frequently and from what I can tell, no pop-ups or spam.

I mentioned this link in the blurb I had up most of the week: The Scoop on Benjamin Nicholas. I got this BN testimonial from someone I’ve seen for quite awhile who’s now a great friend. He seemed to sum up what I’m about quite perfectly in one breath. I wanted to share it with my readers (with his permission). Enjoy.

I let the HIV-positive escort issue lay low from editions past, but this week it was all but confirmed for those who needed further proof. HB Reviews span>tell the tale and here’s hoping that anyone looking to hire thinks with their brain and not just their dick. It’s your life on the line. The truth can be stretched to fit into anyone’s business plan. Don’t think it won’t happen to you.

BN on MySpace is growing daily and the page is really turning into a multimedia funhouse, with new videos, pics and effects being uploaded daily. Haven’t seen it? Click HERE. Also, I’ve restarted my Yahoo Group with unrestricted open-membership for the first month. The YG is your one-stop-shop for latest BN images, polls, chat, webcam and archived Eye Candy.

Another Hot Site of the Moment: The original Rico Report blog is now your get-it-all site for some REALLY hot videos. Rico’s not only got good gossip, but great taste in his men. Check it out for streaming-from-site vids, fast load times and 100% virus free fun.

More addictive than crack…

And last, but certainly not lesbian, here is this week’s EYE CANDY:


THE now-weekly (and soon to be famous) HI/LO GAME…

This week’s high: Living like a rockstar in London. Jamba Juice. Haring/Adidas sneaks.
This week’s low: Jet-lag. Spinning Class. 60k mile service call. Time Warner Cable. Losing my Diesel shades in London. Dog pee.

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