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November 2005

He is starting to resemble a Muppet, isn’t he?

I was recently sent a pretty interesting link to a new blog that’s hit the net in hopes of clearing the air and interjecting some ‘reality’ into the world of M4M. So far, it’s been entertaining, well-written and i’m hooked… So to speak *wink*. Whomever authors this blog deserves a steak dinner for stiring up some fun controversy, while maintaining all the news that’s fit to print. You’ve definitely got my eyes.

Another great gossip rag that focuses on the gay adult industry is Damon Kruezer’s ‘DK’ column. It’s an easy read, filled with factoids and industry whispers, and can be drop-dead funny at times. Example: A recent post of DK’s lambasts former porn-pup and ex-scort, Anthony Holloway. DK doesn’t just spill some info, he lets the whole bucket drop. Go read it for yourself… You’ll never think of gay porn (and their stars) the same way again.

A source at the recent public appearance of Matt Rush at Salt Lake City’s Sound tells me that allegedly after the show (and amid club owners) Rush ‘got a bit diva on everyone’ and started calling fans ‘stupid cunts.’ Ouch! I found it quite strange though, as i’ve met Matt in Chicago and he came across as anything but bitter.

Not for long she’s not…

Britney on Broadway? The God’s must be crazy! Seems that the Weisslers (the shameless husband & wife producing team) are wooing Spears into the lead role in Sweet Charity when Christina Applegate leaves in Janruary. Whispers among cast members say that Spears has been offered a guarantee of $25k a week against 10% of the box office. While it’s no $75k a week (what Matthew Broaderick and Nathan Lane pulled in for The Producers), it’s a start. Word also has it that the Weisslers have also approached Cyndi Lauper if the deal with Brit falls flat…

This week’s WHACK site is actually another blog, which posts their own share of hot, hot, hot eye candy. It’s totally free, so take a look. The images are plentiful and if you’re a fan of Greek and Brazilian boys, this is your one-stop-shop for sure.

I just got my proofs back from a photographer I worked with, so I hope to have some new images up in the near future. I did a series of nudes, which was pretty comfortable, as well as new head and body shots. I’ve been beating myself in the gym, but am now at 8% bodyfat and 195lbs. Not too bad for someone who started out at a mere 6’3″, 165lbs less that a year and a half ago… Hard work always pays off 🙂

I had a tough choice: Getting this body or inhaling a whole bag of bite-size Snickers…

This week’s Eye Candy… Hopefully it’ll wake you up out of that turkey-induced coma. Also, for those who haven’t yet joined up on my YAHOO GROUP, I feature all of the x-rated eye candy that doesn’t make the final cut, along with my archive of personal pics and info. Click here to join for free or fill out the box below:


‘No doubt, love, but as long as people are still having promiscuous sex with many anonymous partners without protection while at the same time experimenting with mind-expanding drugs in a consequence-free environment, I’ll be sound as a pound!’ — Austin Powers