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September 2005

Jetlag blows… and not in a good, life-affirming way 😉

It’s been keeping up with me this whole week back from Greece. It’s rare it’s lasted this long, but my sleeping habits have been keeping me tired around 8 pm and awake at 6 am. While I thankfully have a very full day of activity, I’m still not even making it to the evening news…
I used to be a contender. How sorry this state of affairs has become *wink*

Being at home for most of this week allowed me to catch up on the hum-drum, including getting oil changed, tires rotated, radiators flushed, clothes washed and pets petted. While not exciting by any means, it was quite nice to just stick around and do ‘normal’ things. I sometimes forget that some of the most simple things in life are also the most fulfilling.

Ate lunch today at the new Neiman Marcus (aka, ‘Needless Markup’), which recently opened here in SA to hordes of people. They have a great little restaurant on a second floor terrace. The food was excellent, the service impeccable, but when the time came to pay the bill, the waiter mentioned that they didn’t accept Visa or MasterCard: Only the Neiman Marcus Card and American Express.

Holy schnikes… What the hell kind of craptastic business doesn’t accept Visa/MC? They’ve got a nice racket going in also accepting their OWN chargecard, as it practically forces people to apply if they are going to be constant NM shoppers.

I talked with management and explained that they never made it clear that they didn’t accept such cards up front and should probably do this in the future. ATM’s at the shopping center were all offline as well. While there’s truly no such thing as a free lunch, they ended up comping my meal and promised to get a sign up to let patrons know about their credit card policy. Disaster averted. The city of San Antonio is safe for now.

Yes, Britney had her kid. This is the first ‘unofficial’ pic of the twosome for which Hello Magazine paid $2 million for. No, that wasn’t a misprint. So much money for so much pixelation.

Turns out that Brit was just fooling with the photogs anyway: The ‘baby’ in question was nothing more than a wrapped, half-shaved coconut. Now that’s some Martha Stewart creativity mixed with the PR prowess of Paris Hilton. Gotta love it.

Since cokey supermodel Kate Moss isn’t able to promote much of anything besides South American natural resources, it seems her days as a jet-set major model are somewhat tarnished. But why? It’s not as if the fashion industry hasn’t always had a healthy appetite for coke. Take Donatella Versace for example: She came clean with her habit, even posing with paparazzi with a light dusting of powder on her nose, and no one put sandpaper on her toilet seat. Moss will surely bounce back from this mishap, as only H&M; has officially dropped her from the lineup. While Burberry (her other major contract) is pulling her current ads, she’s still under contract with them and on the payroll as usual.

Fashion mogul or a weathered leather handbag… You decide.

Native New Yorkers, look outside; is it not positively gorgeous outside? It’s a beautiful, innocent fall day — MARRED BY TRAGEDY. Sound familiar? It should. Donald Trump has managed to ejaculate, yet again, in the womb of a beautiful woman. And today’s NY Post insensitively reports the “happy news,” as if we’re to celebrate the impregnation of Melania Knauss, as if the spreading of that man’s bombastic seed is a good thing? The Baby Donald is due next spring. Stock up on batteries and bottled water, and make sure you’ve got enough room on your DVR to capture the six-hour Apprentice birthing special…

Clay Aiken has a personals ad? This piece of info crossed my path last night and I have yet to find evidence to back this up. If anyone out there happens to have a link, shoot me an email and let’s talk…

The Comeback starring Lisa Kudrow has not been renewed and it’s killing me. One of the few good shows to replace Sex in the City on HBO and they can it. Viewership was sitting around 2 million an episode. Here’s hoping that Kudrow can revive this amazingly funny show-within-a-show sometime in the near future. It was brilliant.

Jeremy Piven of Entourage fame has been in the gossip rags recently being branded a party bitch and a diva. A source of mine worked closely with Jeremy on a project and can confirm that he’s a complete asshole. Paris Hilton reported that Jeremy has hair plugs, but our source said that he actually uses spray-on hair! It’s this special fiber-glass sort of shit and it’s super nasty. Jeremy had a scene with an actress where they had to cuddle up and the actress walked away from the scene with his spray-on hair all over her beautiful face. Gross!

For your sick, twisted pleasure: An absolutely frightening look at Hollywood actor Tom Sizemore… HERE.

Along the lines of websites, here’s an absolutely hot one that will definitely get your blood boiling. Are there boys for sale? I’ll take two. Click HERE for details. Some of these faces look familiar… and HOT.

This Friday, I’m headed to Chicago to see the cast of Wicked, along with spending some quality time at the Art Institute. I haven’t yet had a chance to enjoy Millennium Park in the summertime, so I also plan on putting that on the agenda as well. Will a trip to Steamworks be in the cards? Only time will tell… I’ll give ya the scoop next week 😉

I snagged an advance sneak peek this week at the movie rock-musical Rent, coming out in theatres this December. While it may not have the razzle-dazzle that Chicago had, it’s still a HUGE Oscar contender and looks to be one of the best films of the year. The music was kept to most of it’s original genius and the cast, while a little older looking, does an incredible job. No weak links.

This edition of 15 Minutes is a short one, but let’s cap it off with Eye Candy. This week’s collection is a nice group of guys, all thanks to my Key West connection and his fruitful eye for manflesh. Also remember to keep an eye out for the full, uncensored versions of EC on my Yahoo Group, which can be found here. Membership is free and it’s a smashing way to keep up with all happenings BN-related.


‘In America sex is an obsession, in other parts of the world it is a fact.’ — Marlene Dietrich